MGT Mobile Gaming Controllers What is a Mobile Gaming Controller?

What is a Mobile Gaming Controller?

What Is A Mobile Gaming Controller

When mobile gaming first appeared on the scene, it failed to be taken seriously with the titles that were on offer. Games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush appealed mostly to a casual player base and, for the dedicated console and PC gamers, playing these games simply wasn’t an enjoyable way to pass the time since they didn’t provide the same challenge and immersion. Well, needless to say, a lot has changed

With first-person shooter games like Modern Combat 5 and even Call of Duty: Mobile taking the world by storm, it’s clear that phones are being pushed to the limit to provide an exciting and engaging experience at home or even on the go.

More and more players are, not only looking to join in, but replicate that authentic console feel right there on their smartphone.

That is entirely possible today thanks to the use of a mobile gaming controller and today we’re going to talk about what exactly they are and why you should use one to take your mobile gaming experience to the next level.

The Future of Mobile Gaming

More and more we see bigger and better games coming onto the market. Games that demand more than just a tap or swipe on the screen to accomplish the main objective and games that push reaction times and storytelling to awhole other level.

Today, you can even find complete games, like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, for your mobile that once only had a home on retro consoles like the PlayStation 2.

Not only that, but titles like Brawl Stars have even gone as far as establishing a professional league for their games where teams compete globally for the top spot. Esports has finally taken note of the growing mobile trend and we can probably expect more games to start making their way onto the professional circuit.

Improve Your Experience

When it comes to gaming on your phone, it’s no secret that the touch controls can be a bit frustrating at times. You’re so focused on the game at hand that you’ll often rely on muscle memory to react in time without being forced divert your gaze to where the button is.

More often than not, you’ll find yourself missing that button simply because the position of your phone (or your body) has adjusted slightly and, as a result, your thumb just isn’t where it need to be to press the right button.

When you use a mobile gaming controller, you have a real tactile advantage and can easily feel where the button is while keeping your gaze firmly fixed on the action. It removes a lot of the guess work and will make sure that your reactions match up every single time.

Not to mention being able to use more than just your thumbs to comfortably press all the buttons you need to.

How Does it Work

A mobile gaming controller connects to your phone via Bluetooth, just like your favourite watch, and can even be used simultaneously with a Bluetooth headset which is a must for first-person shooter and racing games alike. Most controllers will ask you to download a third party app designed by the manufacturer themselves to fully engage with its features and control your phone properly.

This app will then allow you calibrate the controller and adjusted any settings you need for your experience. You can test the responsiveness of each button to make sure that each is working correctly and even download presets for the games you play or create your own.

Once the game is running, the controller will then map out all the buttons across the screen to ensure that when you press on the controller the correct action is taken on screen without you having to swipe or tap again.

We’ll be sure to take you through the setup procedure in later posts.


The beauty of it all is that, although there may be many that own and play games on a PlaySation, Xbox or PC, that technology simply isn’t available to everyone but smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are more common than they’ve ever been. It’s how we communicate, stay connected with the world around us and most importantly, it’s the tool many of us used to pass the time.

No matter where you are in the world, mobile gaming can be made available to you. That’s why the selection of games continues to improve and new avenues are being discovered to take it all to new heights and it doesn’t just stop with mobile controllers either. Triggers, headsets and even cooling fans are being made to stop your phone from overheating while you’re kicking butt on your favourite game.

Anytime, Anywhere

If you’ve been looking to get the most out of your experience playing on mobile then a controller is without a doubt the way to go. You can feel like you’re at home on your PlayStation or Xbox with nothing more than the device you already have in your pocket and a mobile gaming controller in your hand.

I have personally been using one for months, almost a full year, and I cannot imagine going back to the regular touch screen method. I personally love the feeling of having all the physical buttons in my hand and, if you’re serious about gaming, I know you will too.

Let’s get gaming the right way!

– StevieMAX


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