MGT Mobile Games The Rise of AMONG US – Passing Trend or Instant Classic?

The Rise of AMONG US – Passing Trend or Instant Classic?

The Rise of Among Us

For most online multiplayer games, there is nothing more important than the initial release and the reaction of the gaming community when it first lands on the scene. There’s usually a huge initial spike when the game is first launched followed by a steady decline until the players get familiar and an audience is found.

However, Among Us is one game that continues to defy that logic and carve a new and exciting path despite already being over 2 years old. I mean, it already has a bigger and more active player base than well-established franchises like Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile.

It’s rare to see such an explosion of popularity so late into a game’s lifespan but there’s no denying the eruption of new players that are joining this infamous space crew to help find the impostor and bring everybody safely back home (or cause total mayhem and take out all of the unsuspecting crew members).

But is it just a passing trend or has this game truly become the ‘instant classic‘ that many believe it to be? I’ve certainly had my fair share of fun but will we still be raving about it for years to come? Let’s discover all that and more as we take a look at the unstoppable rise of Among Us.


The Rise of AMONG US


So…What Is It About?

There’s no denying it, one of the things that has everybody eager to jump in and start playing Among Us is how easy it is to not only get started but win the game as well. Absolutely anybody of all ages can download the game, find a lobby and get in on the action but here are the basics of how it works.

Among Us is an online multiplayer game played between 4-10 people. As a member of the brave and intrepid space crew, it’s up to you to complete all the tasks that have been assigned to you and maintain the ship so that you can finally return home but beware…one person on the crew is a parasitic shapeshifter known as The Imposter.

As the Impostor, it’s up to you to take out the rest of the crew before they can complete their tasks and win the game. That’s right folks, everybody gotta die and it’s up to you as the impostor to make sure that happens as quietly and as discreetly as possible because you’ll be ejected straight off the ship.


How Do You Play?


As a crewmember, you will be given several tasks to complete in any order you see fit. They range from simple tasks like setting the ship’s navigation or more complicated tasks like fixing all of the faulty electrical wires around the ship. Just make sure that you’re careful, The impostor can take you out in the blink of an eye.

Every crewmember gets the chance to call an Emergency meeting by pressing the big red button in the cafeteria or by reporting a dead body. Once an emergency meeting has been called, it’s up to the crew members to discuss the evidence and vote on who they think is the true impostor.

Whoever the crew votes for is immediately ejected from the ship. Only once they’ve been voted out will you discover whether or not they were an Impostor or an innocent victim that was voted out too soon. So, always make sure you have enough evidence before you start pointing fingers.

Don’t worry if you’re one of the unlucky victims or get voted out by the crew. You’ll be able to return as a ghost and assist the crew in completing tasks.


Among Us


The Impostor

As an impostor, you will be given a set of fake tasks to perform that could potentially help you avoid suspicion but they will not add to the overall goal of the crew. As a parasitic shapeshifter, you’ll be able to instantly kill any crewmember. Unfortunately, there is a significant cooldown period before you can kill again.

Throughout the ship, there are various ventilation shafts that you can use to hide in a pinch and travel to another air vent across the map. And, just in case you thought you didn’t have enough tools at your disposal, you can instantly sabotage any area of the map and force the crewmembers to react or fail the mission.

Just like all the other crewmembers, The Impostor will be able to cast a vote and discuss with all the other crewmembers who they think is the true impostor. This is the opportunity to sew deception amongst the crew and divert any suspicions they may have of you.


The Unstoppable Rise

Even the developers themselves could not have predicted the tsunami of new players that have arrived over the past few months. When Among Us was originally released back in 2018, the player base grew at a very slow and gradual place. They may not have made a grand entrance to mobile gaming but the players that it had stuck by this little game.

Once the mobile version was ported to Steam for Windows, nothing could hold this game back from becoming the behemoth that it is today. As great as may have been on mobile, making the move to PC meant that Among Us could be less of an individual experience and more of a spectator sport that anybody could enjoy watching.

Thanks to streaming services like Youtube and Twitch, watching your favorite names in gaming plotting and scheming against each other has become as entertaining as playing the game itself. It’s great to see the chat getting involved while all the live players argue and bicker amongst themselves.

This sudden spotlight is what led to the huge explosion in popularity because the only thing better than watching someone play a game is being able to play it yourself. Most people don’t even know that a mobile version of the game exists when that was where it all started for this unstoppable franchise.


Among Us Kill


Will It Be Here To Stay?

While the Twitch landscape may be fully embracing this game and all that it has to offer, is it enough to keep it relevant even as new games come out? And, while there are cosmetic upgrades that can be purchased for your little crewmate, is it enough to keep players coming back for more?

What gives games like Call of Duty: Warzone and PUBG an edge is a fact that they offer a continuous live service that constantly provides players with an abundance of new content for them to digest and enjoy. You never start getting bored with the gameplay loop because it seems to constantly be evolving over time.

The gameplay loop in Among Us is one that tires very easily for me and, with no daily challenges or Battle Pass to keep me coming back, I struggle to see past the initial novelty and it’s become clear that there isn’t much to be gained from the solo player experience.

That being said, if you’ve got a bunch of friends or even just one other person to play along with in real life, then this game can and will provide hours of enjoyment. I highly recommend getting your friends to download this game as well because I have yet to find a co-op game that is both accessible and easy to get familiar with.

Have you played Among Us? What are your thoughts on its meteoric rise to fame? Let me know in the comments section below.

-Stevius Maximus

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