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The Best Razer Controllers for Mobile

Best Razer Controller for mobile

Ever since they burst onto the scene in 2005, Razer has gone from strength to strength. They did more than just create premium gaming peripherals, they created an entire gaming lifestyle based around their products, and it’s no wonder that they’re starting to do the same on mobile.

Even though I try to recommend more entry-level controllers for beginners, the Razer line of mobile gaming controllers is the perfect upgrade for anybody looking to take full advantage of all the latest tech coming to mobile, including the increasingly popular Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Yes, it’s true. We are living in a world where you can take your console gaming experience on the go and it’s never been easier to get in on the ground floor with your standard Xbox One Controller but, if you’re like me, you’re not going to want to take your daily driver on the road with you but you still want the same quality you get at home.

That’s exactly where Razer falls in and so today we’re going to take a closer look at what exactly razer has on offer and whether they match up in style and quality to all the keyboards and mice that Razer has become known for. So, without further ado, here are the best Razer controllers for mobile.






Model: Kishi

Type: Telescopic Controller

Price: $99.99

Operating System: Android & iOS

Best Place To Buy: Amazon


While anybody can simply connect an original Xbox One/Core controller to a smartphone via Bluetooth, it’s not always the ideal way to play since being on the move doesn’t exactly leave you with a lot of options when you need to stand your screen. That’s where the Kishi’s telescopic design comes into play

Telescopic controllers have the unique ability to wrap around your device and make it all one complete unit that resembles the ever-popular Nintendo Switch. Plus, with a direct lightning port or USB-Type C connection that plugs directly into your device, this controller will stay powered up for as long as your phone is charged and virtually eliminate input lag entirely.

The analog sticks strongly resemble the ones you find on the standard Xbox One controller and your fingers will feel right at home if you’ve been accustomed to their design all this time. Just make sure you have a device that fits the very specific dimensions due to the rounded edges that grip your device.

So, if you’ve got the right device, you can’t go wrong with this industry leader and you’ll be treated to the exact same premium console experience as long as you’re close enough to WiFi. And, if you’re close enough to a charging port as well, you can keep playing uninterrupted as you can still charge your device while the controller is connected.

Amazon Rating:


Razer RAIJU Mobile


Model: Raiju Mobile

Type: Standard

Price: $59.99

Operating System: Android & PC

Best Place To Buy: Amazon


Now, there are those of us that still prefer the standard controller design above all else ( including your truly), we have the incredible Razer Raiu Mobile. It was only a matter of time before they made one of their flagship controllers available to the mobile market and I’m glad they went with the Raiju model first.

There’s a reason why the original Raiju was labeled a “tournament” controller because it was designed with the clear intention of giving you a significant competitive edge. Not only with the innovative mechanical action buttons but the ergonomic design that it boasts.

There are four multi-function buttons located on the back, just like the paddles on a SCUF controller, and two extra buttons next to the left and right bumpers giving you full control whenever you need it. Plus, it already has a phone clip built-in which truly takes the portability to the next level.

So for Android users that want a completely identical console experience on mobile with a top-of-the-range controller, you can’t go wrong with the Raiju mobile. It even has a direct connection via USB Type-C which will virtually eliminate input lag on hardcore first-person-shooters like Call of Duty: Mobile.

Amazon Rating:



Model: Jungle Cat

Type: Modular

Price: $99.99

Operating System:

Best Place To Buy: Amazon

For those that think they would get along better with a controller that has more hybrid functionality, then look no further than the Razer Junglecat. It’s one of the few controllers designed to be completely functional as both a standard and telescopic controller all in one product.

When used separately from your phone, the controller has a unique design unlike any other standard controller with the analog sticks being above the action buttons instead of underneath and it’s a lot smaller than a standard controller which could be an uncomfortable adjustment to new players.

The Junglecat has a unique feature that allows each half of the controller to disconnect and be used independently as a regular Nintendo Switch JoyCon but this of course means that you need the specific case that they’ve designed for your phone. And, with the limited sizes available, the full docking functionality won’t be as accessible to everyone.

So unless you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S10+, or the Razer Phone 2, you’ll be limited to using the controller separate from your phone which makes it a lot less portable for the everyday consumer and, ultimately, makes the least desirable Razer mobile gaming controller.

Amazon Rating:


Razer has proven time and time again that they are the industry leaders in gaming peripherals and have excelled at creating a lifestyle brand that gamers of all ages can get behind and support. So it’s great to finally see them making their stamp on the mobile market as well.

So whether you’re into the telescopic design, the standard controller, or think you’ve got the right device for the unique hybrid design of the Junglecat, Razer has the controller for you. So join the razer lifestyle and take your mobile gaming experience to the next level.


-Stevius Maximus

26 thoughts on “The Best Razer Controllers for Mobile”

  1. Navnit says:

    Wow , this is amazing didnt even knew mobile gaming controllers existed before i landed on this blog post . this is so cool now we can convert our smart phone into pro gaming console , went through complete review of razer controllers , very informative . this post has been very useful to understand new technology . thanks for sharing ! 

    1. StevieMAX says:

      Thanks for dropping by, Navnit.

      Mobile gaming is certainly the future, glad you found this article useful.

  2. Mariem says:

    Thank you for this detailed article 

    I don’t like playing on my phone just because I feel that playing with controllers is better but now that I found your article I will definitely get the Razer JUNGLECAT because it makes your phone looks like a PSP and I used to love that thing!

    Thanks again for sharing this and have a great day!

    1. StevieMAX says:

      No problem, Mariem.

      The PSP was a great system back in the day. It’s crazy that all those games can be emulated right from your smartphone. You should definitely give it a try.

  3. Vanabell says:

    Wow! Its so intriguing how much one can learn from the internet! I have previously imagined and wish there were controllers for use on my mobile devices why gaming mostly due to the frustration of controls on phones. So glad to see they actually exist.  The Razer JUNGLE CAT caught my eyes right away. I play multi player games with my husband alot. I have found just what i need

    1. StevieMAX says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Vanabell. I’m glad you found this article useful. Hope you enjoy the controller

  4. Sariyah says:

    Hey thanks for this article, I wasn’t aware their were such a thing as razor controllers, I mean I knew there were controllers as such but didn’t know it can be used with other devices. The Nintendo switch console has been my favourite due to the controller as well as other features.

    I really like the kishi razor due to it resembling controller of a switch. Though the price seems high, I think it is totally worth it.

    1. StevieMAX says:

      It really does resemble the switch and is the best value when considering an alternative to the Nintendo platform.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sariyah.

  5. Maja says:

    WoW! Amazing article. My husband is a passionate gamer and he loves Razer brand. I gifted him a Razer computer last Christmas. 
    I should definitely give him this article. I am not really into games but for what I know I think that Razer is the best purchase for every gamer, and your article is proving that.

    Thank you very much,

    1. StevieMAX says:

      thank you, Maja. I’m glad you found this article useful

  6. owenmeakin5967 says:

    Im a huge gamer. Ive gamed ever since i was a little child. I used to game on console but i do miss the controller sometimes on PC. 

    Now majority of people are using mobile phones for games i have to say Razer have done it super well. I didnt know these even existed in my opinion. I love the explination of the products seen in this website and they are great too!!! Thanks for showing me where to buy these as well 🙂

    1. StevieMAX says:

      No problem, they are a great choice for getting into mobile gaming as a serious hobby.

  7. Gad says:

    I recently bought one of the gaming controllers for my nephew. Although having gone through this article, I have learned many things concerning the different gaming controllers in the market, especially from Razer, and that the product cuts across all ages. I will probably try one of their products one day. 

    1. StevieMAX says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Gad. Hope your nephew loves his controller. Glad you found this article useful.

  8. Gaurav Gaur says:

    Hi Stevie
    Thanks for sharing your views on best razer controllers for mobile. Wow for the new technology. There is so much to learn and it seems that there are no limits. The entire range of razers you described made me to think that this is just the start. Hope to convert my mobile into a gamer pro soon.
    Warm Regards
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. StevieMAX says:

      No problem, Gaurav. It’s going to be interesting to see how tech grows in the future. Good luck converting your phone lol

  9. Aparna says:

    As a gaming enthusiast, I wish to compliment you on this information. It’s a neat amount of details that u have put together. 

    I personally use Raiju, and I can tell you that it’s better than anything I have used. I believe Junglecat is also very good, but it does turn out to be a little overpriced!

    Do keep writing about gaming equipment. 



    1. StevieMAX says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Aparna. I’m a big fan of the Raiju as well since it resembles the standard controllers which I’m used to.

  10. Kelly says:

    Wow, now I mobile game a lot. Probably too much. Even as I am sat here working on my website and commissions I have my phone in front of me running a farm game. Having a joypad that can connect to the phone, oooh, do I dare? The idea is awesome, but the temptation to sit and play for hours. The Razer KISHI looks more my style and will work with my phone with no issues, affordable too. This is something I am going to have to think about. My time working is at risk. Hmmm…

    1. StevieMAX says:

      Hi, Kelly. I’m a big fan of the KISHI as well. I’m more accustomed to the standard controller design of the Raiju but they’re both great options to choose from.

  11. Bernard Breytenbach says:

    Razer controllers are the best! They are affordable and made out of great quality. Glad they are coming to the mobile market. I would prefer to purchase the one controller that turns my smartphone to a nintendo switch look. For me that style and look has a better grip with the smartphone. Plus can make you forget it is a smartphone.

    1. StevieMAX says:

      Hi, Bernard. That’s the very reason that style is so popular since most people are used to the portable design of the switch and other handhelds. 

  12. Scorpion1945 says:

    Wow, I’ve heard of Razer before but I actually didn’t know that some of those controllers existed for mobile, the article was very informative for me. I’m not sure which one I would take but Razer has come highly recommended so this might be a tough decision to make. Keep up the good work!

    1. StevieMAX says:

      Glad you found this article useful!

  13. LineCowley says:

    Hi there, my son is the big gamer in our household, and he was talking about controllers for mobile use when he goes on holiday, so it is great to find that Razer has a selection of controllers for mobile use. I will be sharing this post with him so that he can decide which one of the options will best suit his requirements. Thank you. 

    1. StevieMAX says:

      Thank you, LineCowley. Glad you found this article useful for your son!

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