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The Best Mobile Gaming Controller for Call of Duty: Mobile

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From the moment Call of Duty: Mobile burst onto the scene, gamers have been wanting to play using controllers. Being able to replicate that authentic console feeling on the go seemed like a dream come true, but controller support been quite a controversial subject for quite some time.

The game was meant to have native controller support from the start but Activision quickly did a double-take and completely removed it from the game before bringing it back a few months later with only a few controllers being allowed to connect.

Some gamers have tried to work around this by mapping the buttons of their low-end controllers to the touch screen but, since this requires a third party application, accounts are getting banned left and right. However, there are a few controllers that can still give you that next level experience without the fear of a ban.

Thankfully, hybrid controllers combine both the touch screen and physical buttons/triggers to simulate controller mechanics. I’ve been using them for almost a full season and I’m well on my way to Legendary Rank. So today, I thought we’d take a look at some of the best mobile gaming controllers for Call of Duty: Mobile.


EMISH Mobile Game Controller


Brand: EMISH

Price: $9.99

Design: Detachable Double Trigger Hybrid Controller

Best Place To Buy: Amazon




The EMISH Mobile Game Controller features 4 trigger buttons that fat over the left and right side of your smartphone or tablet, simulating the L1, L2, R1, and R2 you see on console controllers. This allows you to use 6 fingers at once, making it the most affordable upgrade you can make to your Call of Duty: Mobile experience.

When it truly comes to the next level, there’s no better place to start than with a great pair of detachable triggers like these. They clip effortlessly onto your device and only require a re-adjustment of your in-game controller layout to be effective.

Pro players know that only using 2 thumbs to play the game simply doesn’t give you the versatility you need to dominate on the battlefield and that’s why I recommend these as your first entry into the hybrid controller scene.


DELAM Mobile Game Controller


Brand: DELAM

Price: $12.99

Design: Full Grip Double Trigger Hybrid Controller

Best Place To Buy: Amazon




Taking things one step further, the DELAM Mobile Game Controller features 4 triggers as well but, instead of attaching them separately to your phone, they form part of a telescopic grip that locks in any Android or iOS device 4.7-6.5″ wide.

What makes it even more suited for Call of Duty: Mobile is the handles on the stretchable grip. Once your smartphone is locked in, it sits comfortably in your hand and the triggers sit behind your phone instead of on the shoulder, accurately emulating the feeling of a real-life Xbox One controller.

It’s hard enough already to use 4 fingers on a small device but this controller will let you use up to 6 fingers at a time once you’ve adjusted the on-screen layout, that’s why I recommend it for the hardcore gamer on a budget.



GOFOYO K21 Mobile Game Controller


Price: $13.99

Design: Full Grip Single Trigger Hybrid Controller

Best Place To Buy: Amazon




It goes without saying, this has to be one of the coolest hybrid controller designs I have ever seen. It is a bit disappointing that it only has one trigger for Left and Right, but it earns so many style points that I honestly don’t mind being reduced to only using 4 fingers at a time.

The triggers sit behind the phone and, together with the grip itself, resembles a weapon when you hold it. It’s not only a comfortable and completely ergonomic design but it gives you the most realistic feeling you can get from an entry-level hybrid controller.

I have to recommend it since 4 finger control is where it all started for me and this one, in particular, has an incredibly striking design that will look good in any gamers setup.


GameSir Mobile F4 Falcon

Brand: GameSir

Price: $29.99

Design: Single Trigger Hybrid Controller

Best Place To Buy: Amazon



When it comes to portability, there’s simply nothing that can match the GameSir F4 Falcon. It’s an external controller that clips around your smartphone, just like others on this list but what sets it apart is just how easy it is to fold away and store in your pocket. It’s by far the easiest to carry with you, making it as mobile as you and your phone are.

It’s ideal for a 4-finger button layout since there’s only one sensor for Left and Right, but this is compensated by the fact that each side has a Turbo function as well to give you an edge if you ever need to tap the shoot button repeatedly.

It may not be the ideal starter controller but I think it’s still worth mentioning because of its brilliant fold-up design and for how versatile gameplay can be with a Turbo function at your fingertips.


Xbox One Wireless Controller


Brand: Microsoft

Price: $69.99

Design: Standard Controller

Best Place To Buy: Amazon



Yes, its true! The best controller that you can get for Call of Duty: Mobile right now is a regular Xbox One controller. The game officially supports controllers from both current generation consoles but the Xbox controller is, by far, the easiest to connect to any Android and iOS device.

Not to mention the overall aesthetic appeal that this controller has. It’s less rigid and delivers the most premium experience when it comes to mobile gaming. It doesn’t even have to stop with Call of Duty since many mobile games can be played with it as well including Modern Combat 5 and even retro emulators.

This is definitely what I would recommend for anybody looking to get the next level experience with a mobile gaming controller.


What Would I Recommend?

If this is your first time using hybrid controllers then there is no better choice than the EMISH Mobile Game Controller. It’s as affordable as you can get and is a great way to get introduced to the mechanics of hybrid controller gameplay since it fits snug onto most smartphones and tablets as well.

Do you use a mobile gaming controller for Call of Duty: Mobile? Which controller would you recommend for the first time? Let us know in the comments section below!


4 thoughts on “The Best Mobile Gaming Controller for Call of Duty: Mobile”

  1. BeyondCol says:

    This is really interesting, I know my son would trip for this. Controllers makes gaming really interesting and also it creates the sense of reality, just like you’re in the game, makes it more virtual. The list of controllers you have here are nice and amazing, I like your recommendation and I think I’ll go with it.

    1. StevieMAX says:

      Thanks for stopping by.

      I’m glad you found this helpful and hope your son enjoys his controller

  2. Warren says:

    Hey stevie, That’s a lovely article, and exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    Actually this is my first time to be introduced to hybrid controllers, and I think I’ll follow your advice and get started with your recommendation which is the EMISH Controller, it seems simple. So I’ll definitely go for it.

    By the way I also love the DELAM one, but this will be my next controller haha.


    1. StevieMAX says:

      Hi, Warren.

      Thanks for checking out mobilegamertech. Hybrid controllers are a pretty new concept but its definitely an affordable way to replicate a controller in Call of Duty: Mobile.

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