MGT Mobile Gaming Controllers Razer Kishi vs glap Play – A New Xbox Cloud Gaming Companion?

Razer Kishi vs glap Play – A New Xbox Cloud Gaming Companion?

Razer Kishi vs glap Play

Just a few years ago, cloud gaming was an idea that seemed way off in the distant future but that future has come hurtling into the present as services like Xbox Cloud Gaming are becoming more and more common in a gamer’s lifestyle with each passing day.

Using a standard Xbox One Controller on your Android device might be a great way to get started but, when you’re on the move, the last thing you want to do is take your daily driver that, ironically, never leaves house out into the urban wilderness. That’s where a great mobile gaming controller comes in.

The range of controllers available to the average consumer is much wider than you’d imagine but there only a few contenders ready to fight for the top spot and we’re going to take a look at two of them today. The world-famous Razer Kishi and the undisputed underdog we call the glap Play controller.

Both controllers have the unique telescopic design meant to wrap around your phone but one is a wireless controller that connects via BlueTooth and the other connects directly to your phone. There are a ton of major differences just like that to take a look at so, without further ado, let’s take a look at the Razer Kishi vs the glap Play.






Razer Kishi


Product: Mobile Gaming Controller

Brand: Razer

Input: Direct (USB Type-C)

Price: $99.99

Best Place To Buy: Amazon

Amazon Rating:


glap Play


Product: Mobile Gaming Controller

Brand: glap

Input: Wireless (Bluetooth)

Price: $109.99

Best Place To Buy: Amazon

Amazon Rating:



One of the most appealing factors when it comes to mobile gaming is the ability to get your game on any time and anywhere. But, in order to do so, you need a controller that has the portability to match. It doesn’t just have to function like a beast, you need to be able to take it with you with ease as well.

The Razer Kishi has a unique compact design that drastically reduces its size when not in use. The lockable mechanics allow it to remain set and secure until you use it and small enough to fit in your back pocket (at least if you’re a tall guy with deep pockets…like me).

The glap, on the other hand, is much larger by comparison, even when it’s not in use. It doesn’t have the same dynamic mechanisms as the Kishi, so you’re going to have to transport it around in a case or backpack, making it a bit more cumbersome than a controller that you use on-the-go. This round goes to the Kishi.


Phone Restrictions

Unlike standard controllers that universally work with every phone, telescopic controllers are a little more specific. Like I mentioned before, they’re designed to wrap around your phone completely so having a device that’s the appropriate size is an important factor under normal circumstances.

But, the Razer Kishi, takes it one step further with its design. The edges that grip around your phone are rounded and thus limit the width of your device as well as the length. And even if the edges of your phone can slip in without a problem, the USB Type-C connection is going to need to directly in the middle in order to connect properly.

The glap Play is a lot more accommodating due to its size. That might not make it as portable but devices with a larger width can fit in without any obstruction. Plus, with a Bluetooth connection instead of a direct connection, the orientation of your charging port does not affect the device that you use. This is a win for the glap.



Analog Sticks

If you’re like me and you spend most of your gaming time aiming at something and trying to shoot it. Whether that’s in Call of Duty or Apex, I’m addicted to the first-person shooter genre and the best tool in a shooter’s arsenal has to be the analog sticks used for aiming and movement.

The analog sticks on the Razer Kishi are almost identical to the sticks you find on a standard Xbox One controller and there’s a reason that they’ve remained unchanged as a new generation of consoles comes to town. They have similar resistance and operate as smoothly as the originals that inspired them to be.

While they are still a great pair of sticks, the pair you find on the glap controller is very distinct from its counterpart. They have a slightly larger radius and overall feel a little looser forcing a bit of adjustment to what I’m used to. While they function perfectly in every way, I would have to give this point to the Kishi.


Triggers & Bumpers

Movement and Aiming may be one thing but that means nothing if you don’t have a good set of triggers backing you up. This is one of the trickier aspects of controller design since mobile gaming controllers are inherently limited on space. That didn’t stop these two from delivering a great set of triggers for us to use.

Despite the Kishi’s size, they managed to fit triggers on here that have a full analog range of motion, making them perfect for shooters and racing games as well that might require you to feather the throttle at times. They’re much smaller than the triggers on a standard Xbox One controller but function effectively enough to make up for it.

Here’s where the glap starts to shine with much larger Bumpers and Triggers that are closer to the look and feel of your standard Xbox One controller and are a lot more accurate with their movements. I will admit, the bumpers do have an odd size and can be a bit cumbersome but are easy to get used to. This round goes to the glap Play.

Which One Would I Pick?

Both of these controllers have qualities that I admire and some that I don’t and there’s not much separating them on the surface. Truth is, you can’t go wrong, either way, both will take your experience to the next level. But the Razer Kishi has one feature that puts it on top in my book and that has to be the charging port

The Kishi does not have its own power battery and draws all of its power from your phone through the Type-C connection but it has an external port on the controller that allows you to plug it in and charge your phone directly while still using the controller.

While you might be able to charge the glap Play while you’re playing, there’s no way to charge your phone at the same time. When the time comes for your phone to charge again, you will have to cut your gaming session short or prop your phone up on a flat surface while you play. For that reason, I will go with the Razer Kishi over the glap Play.

Have you used any of these controllers? What did you think of the Razer Kishi and the glap Play? Let me know in the comments section below.


-Stevius Maximus

8 thoughts on “Razer Kishi vs glap Play – A New Xbox Cloud Gaming Companion?”

  1. Ayoola Sherman says:

    Thank you so much for your post. My son is really into gaming, and I just asked him about these cloud controllers. I think this is the next best thing because who wouldn’t love gaming on the go! I think it’s a novel idea, and I’m definitely looking to get him one as well so he can be in with all the fun! Thanks again!

    1. StevieMAX says:

      No problem, Ayoola. Glad I could be of assistance!

  2. Dave Hayes says:

    This is a great article from this website. Its the second one I have read in a couple of days, yet this one is on a different comparison.

    I’m was once an avid gamer, and its clearl you know your subject and research it well, if I was just starting out, then I would know which is the right one to buy, because your description is excellent.

    1. StevieMAX says:

      Glad you found this article useful, dave

  3. Iris says:

    Great website, loved the quality content on these 2 controllers and I found this information to be very useful. I had no idea that there was so much to consider when picking one up, I’m glad I came across this article and will probably keep it in mind for later

    Thanks again

    X Iris

    1. StevieMAX says:

      No problem, Iris. Good luck with whichever controller you choose

  4. Lio says:

    I was looking for a controller and came across your article. I feel you are right in your analysis of the Razer Kishi’s portability; I believe it is the best controller.
    I enjoy how it’s small enough to slip in my back pocket and how reasonably priced it is.
    Another factor that may influence my decision is the Razer Kishi’s charging port, which is really a great feature.
    Great article.

    1. StevieMAX says:

      Thank you, Lio. Glad you found this article useful!

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