MGT Call of Duty: Mobile,Tips & Tricks My Best AK117 Loadout For Call of Duty: Mobile Gunsmith

My Best AK117 Loadout For Call of Duty: Mobile Gunsmith

Best Ak117 Loadout

When the Gunsmith first appeared in 2019’s Modern Warfare remake, it blew everybody away and revolutionized the first-person shooter as we know it. Now that they’ve brought this genius new mechanic to Call of Duty: Mobile, it has completely changed the way players pick their loadouts and I simply cannot get enough.

Right from the start, I knew I was going to focus my first build on the AK117 because it has been my favorite weapon since I started playing Call of Duty: Mobile and it has lead me to many victories in Battle Royale and beyond. Plus, I only had enough XP cards to max out one weapon so it had to be the AK117 of course.

I’ve spent hours playing the brand new Shipment 1944 map to unlock all the camos that are available and, along the way, I’ve switched and swapped through a few of the attachments until I found the combination that suited my needs the best. It may not work for everybody but, as I said, it gets the job done for me.

So, without further ado (and without any Blueprints), let me show you my best AK117 loadout for Call of Duty: Mobile Gunsmith Season 9.


The Tiger Laser


The Attachments of Choice

The thing I loved the most about the AK117 in Battle Royale mode (in previous seasons) was how easy it was to control the recoil when I fired and how effective it was during mid to long-range engagements, especially when I found high-level attachments.

It wasn’t all that great when I tried to hip-fire, though, so I was hoping to solve that problem while also replicating all the goodness from previous seasons.


  • Barrel: OWC Marksman
    • (+) ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy
    • (+) Damage Range
    • (+) Lateral Recoil Stability
    • ( – ) Movement Speed
    • ( – ) ADS Speed


  • Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical
    • (+) ADS Speed
    • (+) ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy
    • ( – ) Visible Laser Sights


  • Underbarrel: Tactical Foregrip B
    • (+) ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy
    • (+) Lateral Recoil Stability
    • ( – ) ADS Speed
    • ( – ) Movement Speed


  • Ammunition: 48 Round Extended Mag
    • (+) Magazine Capacity
    • ( – ) Movement Speed
    • ( – ) Reload Speed
    • ( – ) ADS Speed


  • Rear Grip: Rubberized Grip Tape
    • (+) Vertical Recoil Control
    • ( – ) ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy



Why These Attachments


Barrel: From the start, my primary focus was on accuracy. So, equipping the longest barrel I could was an easy choice since it would boost the range significantly as well, and there generally isn’t a lot of close-quarters combat in Battle Royale once you’ve gone past the initial looting phase.

Laser: But, just in case I do need to hip-fire, I equipped one of the stronger lasers in the set. This, of course, means I’ll be running around with a visible laser sight but it’s worth it since anybody close enough to see the laser beam will probably be close enough to shoot too.

Underbarrel: While it’s always possible to minimize recoil, it can’t be erased completely and you will have to manage it whenever you decide to pull the trigger. That’s the primary focus for this Underbarrel attachment because it reduces a lot of the bounce and makes it easier to ADS.

Ammunition: More often than not, I find myself getting into fights with multiple opponents at once, even in Multiplayer. In these situations, reloading your weapon can be the difference between a squad wipe and an early exit back to the lobby so why not take away the need to reload? It’s especially useful in the new 10v10 mode.

Rear Grip: At this point, the only thing more important than adding a Perk is adding more control. All that matters in this build is making sure that the bullets go where I want them to go and this grip gives you enough control to do that. Plus, all the negative side effects that come with using this grip are countered multiple times by the other attachments. It’s perfect.


Why Not Those Attachments?



Up until the end of Season 8, I would always prioritize stealth when choosing my attachments. It became my most valuable tool since I kept getting killed by enemies that heard my gunshots and came over to investigate. Stealth just goes a long way in Battle Royale, I think, and I’ve won more than a few times because of it.

So all my guns, whether I was using an SMG, Assault Rifle, or Sniper Rifle, would always be equipped with a suppressor instead of an extended barrel but I just couldn’t go that route this time. Although this means I can’t be as sneaky as I used to be, I’d rather take the confident knowledge that all my bullets are going to hit from long range.



One thing a lot of people question is the fact that I don’t have a scope or “Optic” attached, even though it’s what a lot of people recommend, but I just prefer to use the good old iron sight instead. The harder you zoom in, the more bounce you feel from the guns recoil, making it a lot harder to control.

This is the reason I run with a Sniper Rifle as my secondary weapon. If a target is too far away for the AK117, then I’ve got a weapon designed for those engagements ready to go. Typically an Arctic .50 with a suppressor if I’m lucky enough to find one but I don’t rely on sniping that much so any sniper will do.


Stock & Perks

I did originally have the RTC Steady Stock attachment that gave the accuracy an incredible boost but, without the control, it was simply no good. Instead of trying to shoot heads, the recoil would have my aiming bouncing up high, almost like my gun was trying to shoot the moon.

Eventually, I swapped it out for the Rubberized Grip Tape and it made all the difference in the world. And, as far Perks go, I just couldn’t find one that improved this combination enough to warrant adding it in. Maybe on another build.




The First Of Many

This definitely won’t be the last Gunsmith design that I make for the AK117 and I already have my sights set on creating a build designed to dominate in close quarters like an AK-SMG. The possibilities truly are endless but for now, I’ve got to hit the grind to get all the uniques camos and start leveling up new guns for new designs.

I got well acquainted with the PDW before the end of last season as well and I’m close to getting my ideal design locked down. It’s going to be a Season full of tinkering to try and figure out the best Gunsmith combinations and simply cannot wait.

Do you have your favorite weapon yet? What are some of your best Gunsmith combinations? Let me know in the comments section below.


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