MGT FGC,Injustice 2,Xbox Injustice 2 – Still Good In 2021?

Injustice 2 – Still Good In 2021?

Injusticec 2 - Still Good In 2021

Back when Netherrealm Studios first announced the infamous Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, we all had the same concerns. How would the fun and friendly Superheroes fit into the brutal and bloody world of Mortal Kombat? I certainly couldn’t picture Superman ripping limbs apart and decapitating Sub-Zero.

Well, the big names at Warner Bros. felt the same way and, as a result, we ended up with a watered-down version of what Mortal Kombat could be but Netherrealm proved that they could do amazing things with the IP if given the chance but not mixed in with the Fatalities and decapitations we’re used to.

As the years went on, films like The Dark Knight proved that DC could be a lot more mature than people gave it credit for and audiences were ready for a tale that suited that image. Thus we got Injustice: Gods Among Us, the horrific tale of Superman’s downfall and rise to dictatorship.

It’s no surprise that a sequel would follow suit and that’s where we jump into the story. With Injustice 2 being added to Xbox Game Pass, it seemed like the perfect candidate as we answer the question ‘How long does it take to learn fighting games’ but for now, let’s just see if Injustice 2 is Still good in 2021




So, What’s It All About?

Injustice 2 is a direct follow-up to the 2013 smash hit and comes jam-packed with new features for old and new players alike. It was my first introduction to the series and I’m glad that I didn’t feel like I missed out on much having never played the first game, even though it has its own story.

The campaign gives us a brief recap of the events of the first game as we play through the first chapter from Batman’s perspective and, from there, we go chapter to chapter playing as different characters and taking on different villains as each chapter progresses.

More than a few times, you will get the opportunity to choose between two characters that appear in the same chapter which can be swapped after each battle. It helps that they both have different playstyles most of the time which gives some variety to the chapters.


Injustice 2


Multiverse and Gear

Outside of the campaign, there are other single-player modes to get stuck into, such as the Multiverse which gives you a list of missions to complete to earn points, and mother boxes that refresh every couple of hours (each has an individual timer). The perfect place to level up your character and earn some loot at the same time.

Mother boxes are where you find the gear that can be equipped for your character to alter their appearance and enhance some of their stats. The stat changes only apply in the Multiverse and in Non-competitive online matches but you can still keep the aesthetic if you take your build into an online match.



No matter how much good stuff there is for the single-player side of things, we all know the main attraction of any fighting game is the online multiplayer and Injustice has both casual and ranked matches for you to get stuck into. I can vouch that the lobbies are still thriving today.

But no fighting game would be complete without some offline multiplayer to go with it. You’ve got the classic versus as well as an easy-to-setup tournament mode that could keep you and your friends busy for hours. A jam-packed fighting game indeed.


What’s Good About It?

First things first, I no fighting game veterans aren’t really in it for the story but this has one of the best DC narratives I’ve seen in a long time. To the point where I left to get the entire comic series once all the campaign chapters were completed. Especially if you love the darker tones of the DCEU that’s currently blazing a trail on HBO max.

Even though the cut scenes were so long that I almost forgot that I was playing a game some times, I was still thoroughly engaged and eager to see the story’s final conclusion, and it made for a great introduction into the game’s mechanics and the basic character playstyles.

I’m glad to see that the multiverse is still updated regularly with relevant content (there was an eater special) and daily challenges are there in full effect. While these may not be major updates, it’s great to see that the live service elements are still active for anyone, like me, that wants to try the game for the first time.

And the same could be said for the multilayer. The population is small but I had no trouble getting into a room and fighting online players to play in some friendly ft3’s with. And for those looking for even greater competition, there’s still the ranked system with just as many players to share.


Injustice 2


What’s Bad About It?

As far as fighting games go, not much. There is a small forced tutorial to the game but, for those that want a deeper explanation of the mechanics, the advanced tutorial really isn’t that bad. I got a good understanding of how to string combos together and could easily create my own patterns in no time.

I guess my only complaint would be the fact that the cutscenes within the campaign are a bit too long but honestly, I can live with that. Injustice 2 is a great fighting game and that’s coming from someone that hasn’t played a fighting game in almost 6 years. It’s worth picking up.


Should I Play It?

If you’re on Xbox Gamepass and looking for a great fighting game that can give your hours of single-player fun then this game’s perfect for you. And if you want to take things to a more competitive level then there’s no reason not to try this as well. The online population is still thriving and, like me, you’ll be able to spend hours in a room, competing against like-minded players. injustice 2 is definitely still god in 2021.

Have you played Injustice 2? What do you think of the game in 2021? Let me know in the comments section below.

-Stevius Maximus

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