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How To Play Call of Duty: Mobile With a PS4 Controller

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Mobile gaming has come a long way in recent years and it’s only going to get better from here on out. Games like Call of Duty: Mobile are making revolutionary changes to the way we enjoy our favorite games and players are doing more and more to replicate that authentic console feel with nothing but a smartphone and a mobile gaming controller.

I’ve been a huge fan of mobile gaming controllers for quite some time and I’ve been an even bigger fan of Call of Duty: Mobile but, unfortunately, the game only supports 2 types of controllers and my little iPega Ninja just wasn’t one of them. After doing my research and finding a good deal, I finally upgraded to the PlayStation’s DualShock 4.

Using such a premium controller should have been a smooth experience but it was rocky, to say the least. However, all the issues seemed to stem from my Android device and, once I got everything sorted out, this controller delivered an experience I won’t soon forget and it may just become my primary way to play Call of Duty: Mobile in the next season.

So, let me tell you all about it and show you how to play Call of Duty: Mobile with a PS4 controller.


How To Set It Up


Connecting a DualShock 4 (DS4) to an Android device is a pretty simple process and works almost the same as connecting any Bluetooth speaker or fitness device. Once connected, you will need to open up Call of Duty: Mobile and make sure the game can detect the controller as well.


Android Device


  • Open up your Android Bluetooth settings (Settings -> Connections -> Bluetooth) and turn the Bluetooth connection On.
  • Hold down the ‘PS’ button and the ‘Share’ Button together for a few seconds until the lightbar begins to blink.
  • Scan for Bluetooth devices on your smartphone until you see ‘Wireless Controller’. This is the name of the DS4 controller.
  • Select the DS4 and complete the pairing process.
  • To double-check and make sure that the controller is connected, open your ‘Applications’ menu and try to navigate through the menu using the Directional-Pad on the controller. You should see a small blue box around the apps as you scroll through.


Call of Duty: Mobile


  • Open the game settings by pressing the tiny gear icon in the top right-hand corner.
  • Press the seventh tab from the left which say.s ‘Controller’
  • Press the ‘Settings’ button within ‘Controller’.
  • Click ‘Connect’ and pair your controller with your device.
  • The ‘Connect’ button should now be black and say ‘Connected’
  • Make ‘Enable Controller Support’ is turned on
  • You won’t be able to navigate through the menu using the controller but, once you’re in a match, you will be able to take full control with the DS4. Just make sure you read the ‘Key Description’ to make sure you’re familiar with the key bindings since there isn’t a tutorial for controllers.





A common problem that you may find with the DS4 is an astonishing amount of input lag when used on an Android device. You won’t notice it if you’re using the action buttons but once you strat rapidly pressing buttons or controlling the analog sticks continuously, it can be a serious problem.

At first, I thought that it might be the controller, which was a shock since it was brand new, but it worked perfectly when I connected it to my iMac to play some games on Steam and I knew guys that used a controller regularly. After doing a bit of research, I discovered that the Android software that was to blame.

The input lag occurs because the Bluetooth connection between the controller and my smartphone was simply not stable enough and so it could not accurately interpret the inputs from my controller. Every time I tried to rotate my aim just a tiny bit I would end up doing a crazy 360° spin and, needless to say, that’s a huge problem.

This can be solved by downloading an App that can help you manage your Bluetooth connections, like Bluetooth Auto-Connect, which are available online or in the Google app store.





Is It Worth It?


Right now, using a DS4 controller to play Call of Duty: Mobile on an Android phone reminds me of a relationship I once had. When the connection is good, I have the time of my life but when the connection is bad, it’s horrible to use a controller and can frustrate me to the point where I have to start using the touch screen.

But, every time I try using the touch screen controls it just feels so unnatural. This is nothing against touch screen players but to me, whether or not I’m playing on Mobile, on PC, or Console, nothing feels more immersive than the feeling of a physical controller in my hand.

I haven’t had the chance to try it out on iOS but I can confirm that if you are using an Android device and you want to take your mobile gaming experience to the next level, you’re much better off getting an Xbox One controller instead.

The DS4 is a great controller, no doubt, but Android drivers cater more to the Microsoft design and all these connection problems that I mentioned are almost non-existent with the Xbox One. It’s the easiest way to plug in and start playing immediately without hassle.



Controller Is The Way To Go


Like I said in the beginning, I am a huge fan of mobile gaming controllers, so I was determined to get the DS4 to work for me even though it put up quite a struggle. It’s a complicated problem to solve and, at times, it feels like my DS4 has a mood of its own and will only let me play Call of Duty: Mobile when it feels like it.

But, overall, I don’t think I’m going to stop using it. I simply enjoy using a controller too much to let this one go and I plan on using a controller all the way through Season 9.

Do you use a DS4 controller to play Call of Duty: Mobile? How has your experience been so far? Let me know in the comments section below.



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  1. Justin says:

    Hello there, I have been playing the game for a while now and all of duty have been my favourite and its only been on mobile and I really want to start making use if a console but I don’t know how. Seeing these control, I really wanted to get on with it and start learning and I’ll bookmark this post for reference sake 

    1. StevieMAX says:

      Happy To Help, Justin

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