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How To Beat Titanfall 2 – Single-Player Tips & Tricks | Xbox Game Pass

How To Beat Titanfall 2

It’s been a few days since I beat Titanfall 2 and I’m still reminiscing about what I just experienced. While it didn’t have the longest story and was a very very short game to get through, I enjoyed the gunplay way more than I anticipated, and the voice acting went a long way to bring the main characters to life.

Although I couldn’t give it a glowing review, I highly recommend it to anybody that has ever played Apex Legends and wanted the same kind of experience in a single-player setting because that’s pretty much what we get. That’s why I suggest playing it on Xbox Game Pass or borrowing the game from a friend if you want to play it in 2021?

That being said, I’ve got just what you needed if you plan to link up with BT-7274 because I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing Titanfall 2. Even though it wasn’t particularly challenging on Hard mode it was still satisfying to play through and there’s nothing wrong with doing it at least once.

There are many different playstyles to choose from but the only one that can provide you with enough fun, in my opinion, is what we’re going to talk about today. It’s all about fast-paced kinetic action and it’s the only way to get the most enjoyment out of the game. So, without further ado, here’s how to beat Titanfall 2.





Keep Moving

Titanfall 2 has a pace unlike any other first-person shooter that I’ve played in the past and it’s got me hyped to tackle more arena shooters like DOOM Eternal. Games like that thrive on their speed and, if you let it, Titanfall will deliver that same level of excitement without fail.

I mean, anybody can stand behind cover and mindlessly pop heads from a distance but it adds a whole new layer of depth when you ignore conventional methods and use all of the movement abilities at your disposal. It’s true run-and-gun action in its purest form but it’s all up to you to take advantage of it.

During the first level of the game, we’re given a brief tutorial on the game through a practice course that times your speed, accuracy, and creativity when dispatching enemies, and I suggest you spend a good amount of time here getting familiar with the controls and how many different ways there are for you to take on any fight.

Even if you use the Ghost Runner a few times in the beginning to show you an ideal route, nothing is stopping you from starting the course over again and trying different methods. Maybe trying hopping around routes instead of wall-running, shooting while you’re moving instead of standing still, and generally just staying to be as fast as possible. I spent a lot of time on this course in the beginning and it paid off big time.

Expedition Loadout Does It All

Throughout the game, you’ll come across new loadouts for BT-7274 that need to be picked up to be unlocked. Each loadout comes with a unique class weapon, tactical/utility ability, Core Ability, Ordnance, and a defensive ability so there’s a lot of variety to work with when you embark.

Each loadout handles so differently that I couldn’t find the time to test whether or not each was effective in a fight. It’s easy to switch them out just by pressing pause but, because I thrive on momentum and didn’t want to interrupt that by going into a pause menu, I opted to stick with the loadout that I got the most use out of and that would be the Expedition Loadout.

The class weapon is more than enough to mow down most enemies and the Burst Core is a beast. Once that bad boy started spitting, it made most boss battles feel like a walk in the park as I cut them down like trees in the forest. Not to mention the lock-on missile launcher that was always a Handy tool to use while reloading.

The only core that I would pick over the Expedition is the Legion core but you only get that in the final level of the game and it pretty much turns BT7274 into an absolutely overpowered beast. This is great considering all I wanted to do at this point in the game was go full Hulk mode and just smash all the enemy Titans in the.


Shotguns Work Best

There are many different weapon varieties within the game, from Assualt Rifles to SMG’s, but the weapons that gave me the most fun were the shotguns and, luckily, there’s only two of them to choose from and experiment with so it won’t be hard trying to decide between the EVA-8 Auto and the Mastiff.

The EVA comes with a surprisingly high rate of fire despite being a pump-action weapon but I would definitely rank its power below the Mastiff since it has a tendency to do more damage and is a little more useful with its flat bullet spread The Mastiff does come a little later in the game than the EVA but it’s still worth getting used to.

It all comes down to your playstyle in Titanfall 2 and for my playthrough, I went for the up-close and personal approach and it fit so well with the movement mechanics in this game that I had the most fun when I was sliding around, bouncing off the walls, blowing people’s heads off with style.

Don’t get me wrong, all the Assualt Rifles and Snipers are good too but there was just something so enjoyable about learning how to effectively wield a shotgun in this game, and I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work for anybody else. Especially when You combo it with the slide.

Change The Button Layout

You know, it’s games like this that make me want to invest in an Xbox Elite controller or even a Scuf controller just to get more buttons at my disposal because I certainly could’ve used them in this game. My thumb was glued to the right analog stick and it felt cumbersome trying to use the action buttons in the heat of the moment.

Turns out I still want to have a full handle of my aiming controls even when I’m jumping, wall-running, and sliding across the battlefield and that’s hard to do when the same thumb that’s aiming is also trying to press A to jump or B to slide. It made pulling of combos a lot harder and I highly recommend you make a change if you’re using a standard controller like me.

All I did was change the key bindings for Jump from A to LB, and I changed the Slide/Crouch button from B to RB. While it still took a bit of getting used to, but once I got familiar with this new layout, it made the gameplay a lot more fun and enjoyable since I had full control of my aim while still performing complicated movements.

It’s so satisfying when you can turn and aim while you’re jumping or sliding and it helped to keep that kinetic energy going without a single interruption. You may want to change in a slightly different way but I think it’s the easiest method to get some good run-and-gun gameplay.



While Titanfall 2 may be past its prime, I certainly enjoyed my playthrough a lot and it’s still worth playing if you’ve got Xbox Game Pass. Hopefully, these tips will help you get a smooth playthrough that you enjoy and get the experience that you’ve been looking for.

Have you played Titanfall 2? What are some of the tips and tricks that you’ve learned along the way? Let me know in the comments section below.

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