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How To Beat Gears of War 2 – Tips & Tricks

How To Beat Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2 was everything a sequel should be and more. It took every innovative idea from the first game, perfected it, and wrapped it all up in a package that easily outdid the last. Since I started on the road to Gears 5, this has been my most anticipated title since I’ve played it before and was eager to complete it again.

However, it was a completely different experience the second time around and it only made me keener to finish the original saga and dive straight into the third game but, as always, I thought I would first give you some insight into all the little things I learned along the way and how they can help you beat the game.

It, honestly, wasn’t that hard to do and I was surprised by how little challenge the A.I. gave me, even on Hardcore mode, but I’m glad it gave me a lot of room to experiment with the abundance of weapons that are available within the game because they certainly ramped up the choice of firepower for trigger-happy folk like me.

I thoroughly enjoyed my playthrough and I’m sure that you will as well if you’re looking for an action-packed ride filled with a rain of bullets and enough blood and gore to make a Saw movie blush. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at my best tips on how to beat Gears of War 2.





Use The Available Options

The one thing that can bring any good game down is a level design that feels too linear and shuffles you down a given path. Although the first game gave us branching paths, many of the encounters felt pretty 2-dimensional and didn’t offer much variety with how you could approach each situation.

A lot of my own experimentation came from the weapons themselves but this time, things were very different. In almost every encounter I felt like I could do so much more than just shoot different guns. Some changes could be made to the environment, different points of elevation that gave unique tactical advantages, and it allowed for a lot more planning with my co-op partner.

I noticed this a lot by the “hints” that they placed around you. Sometimes a fight would break out and there would randomly be a mortar cannon nearby or a fully loaded shotgun. Almost as if the developers are giving you a suggestion of which tools to use and it’s up to you whether or not you want to use it or just blast through everybody with the Lancer.

Speaking of which, even though the game is designed around the Lancer and is the main weapon of the COG army, you don’t have to use the whole game. You can easily make it all the way through using any of the other weapons available and, if the Lancer is required for a set-piece (like cutting out the heart of a giant worm) there’ll be one nearby for you to pick up so you’ll have a chainsaw when you need it.



Bring A Buddy

Okay, I know I’ve said this before in my last post on how to beat Gears of War: Ultimate Edition but this is the way these games are designed. So if this is a tip for the original game then it has to be a tip for the sequel as well. Bring a friend, and play as much of the campaign as you can in co-op mode.

The only difference is the fact that this time, you’re probably going to need to bring a friend IRL that can team up with you instead of matching with someone online. There are still plenty of people playing Ultimate Edition which made it easy to find players for my lobby but that’s simply not the case the second time around.

Even though Gears of War 2 is such a great title, there are 4 other games in the series and the latest one, Gears 5, just released some new DLC so you can’t blame everybody for jumping on the newer and more up-to-date games. But, as a result, the player population for Gears 2 is slim, to say the least, and it won’t be so easy to get another player in your lobby.

Thankfully, Xbox has features like LFG (Looking For Group) that allow you to post messages looking for other players or respond to others that have posted messages. Tell them that you’re interested or invite the people that respond to your post and you’ll find a good co-op partner in no time.


Skorge Is Easy!

Now, this is simultaneously one of the most disappointing and most helpful things I’m about to say. On the one hand, Skorge is one of the easiest bosses in the game and, if you follow a few basic tips, you can get through this fight without any struggle but I expected so much more from this villain.

I mean, he’s the high priest of the Locust Horde, he was built up throughout the game as a bid bad enemy that you’re eventually going to have to face and he just didn’t live up to the challenge. So, to get past Skorge, you need one simple thing…patience.

Skorge has a very predictable pattern of attack that can easily be anticipated and you only need to dodge and duck a few times before he comes in to attack and initiates a very easy to do Quick Time Event. These are the only moments you do any real damage to him so it’s unnecessary to try and shoot him when he’s running around trying to make things fall on you.

Seriously, I felt more threatened by the Tickers or Ink Grenades that came spewing out of the floor at random times. The only thing that killed me was the giant pillars that fall on you because my timing was just a little off but there’s no reason to stress about this fight otherwise.



Make Your Shots Count

I mean, that may be self-explanatory already but on the harder difficulties, and if you’re planning on playing with a friend, then you need to make sure that you hit your shots because the ammo can quickly become scarce, especially when you’re both a bunch of trigger-happy madmen.

I only started to feel some relief when I went back to basics and slowed down my gameplay to make sure that I was hitting an enemy each and every time I pulled the trigger and it made massive improvements to my enjoyment of the game. Spamming a lancer or getting body shots with the Longshot because it thrives when you aim for the head.

Trust me, you don’t want to end up fighting over the next ammo box with your co-op because that can get awkward real quick. It’s fine you’re playing in single-player mode but this is something to take into heavy consideration when playing with a buddy.



Gears of War 2 was a shining example of what a true sequel should bring to the table. New and innovative tools brought in to add to a polished original idea and I would recommend it to anybody looking for a smooth introduction to the franchise. It won’t be long before I play it again soon,

Have you played Gears of War 2? What are some of the tips and tricks that you’ve learned along the way? Let me know in the comments section below.

-Stevius Maximus

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