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How To Beat Control – Tips & Tricks | Xbox Game Pass

How To Beat Control

As 2020 finally drew to a close, I saw an announcement on Xbox Game Pass‘ Twitter about the latest games that were on offer. I don’t remember the other games that were mentioned but the one that stood out to me the most was the third-person action-adventure title by Remedy Games known as Control.

At the time, I hadn’t heard much about it but fans were ecstatic about this one coming to Game Pass. So much so that I had no choice but to take a serious peek for myself and find out first-hand if all this praise was well earned or if this game was another overhyped extravaganza. Safe to say, they were right.

I had the time of my life on my first playthrough and could not wait to finish the game so that I could give my full review and I’m eager to take on the new campaigns that you get in the DLC. Not to mention all the side content that I just didn’t have the time to thoroughly explore and complete.

I simply can’t recommend this game enough and, if you’re planning on playing this game soon, I’ve got just what you need. I learned a lot during my playthrough that can help you enjoy your time as Jesse Faden as you fight the Hiss to regain control of the FBC. So, without further ado, here’s hot to beat Control.





Focus On Your Favourite Guns

The Service Weapon is one of the more unique weapons that I’ve encountered in gaming and It’s so cool watching it morph and transform as you switch between your chosen weapon forms and it does a good job of answering the question of how characters are able to carry so many weapons at once. (Just carry one that shape-shifts lol)

But, the most frustrating thing about the weapon system in Control is the fact that you can only keep two weapon forms active at the same time. I mean, this is a gun that can alter its shape and design to function in an entirely different way, so it feels like a missed opportunity only letting it switch between two weapon forms at a time.

Nevertheless, it makes resource management less of a chore since the best option would be to just focus on the two weapon forms that you get the most use out of and suit your playstyle the best. You’ll not only get better at using those weapons but it’ll be easier to get them fully upgraded if these are the only weapon forms you care about.

Even though I took the time to do as many side missions as I could and explored to get find all the resources I could along the way, there was never enough to upgrade them all, so it’s even more worthwhile to focus on the two you use the most because trust me, trying to swop to a third weapon form mid-fight is the most momentum and immersion-breaking thing you can do at times.

Reading Is Actually Fun

I know right, who plays a video game just to do a bit of extra light reading? Especially with a game this action-heavy in the first place. I mean, who does that? Well, this has got to be one of the rare moments in my gaming life where I actually enjoyed collecting and reading some of the in-game content.

Throughout your playthrough of Control. you’ll encounter different collectibles scattered around the FBC including documents and audio recordings. Some of them simply give you more information on the world you’re in but a lot of them expand on the universe in a way I would’ve never experienced.

Take for instance the game Alan Wake. It’s another title from the old Xbox 360 days that was also made by Remedy Games. Not once did I think that these two titles could be from the same universe but his name, and the events of the original game, exist within the world of Control and I would’ve never discovered this shared universe if I hadn’t taken the time to read little.

You get insights into the FBC as a whole as you encounter messages and reports from the employees and you even get to discover more about Jesse herself and more details about the vents leading up to her arrival at the FBC. The main story does an excellent job of explaining itself but that extra bit of knowledge was a welcome treat.



Experiment And Find Your Style

The combat in Control was one of my favorite aspects of the game and it helped a lot to keep things fun and interesting during my playthrough. While most of the bosses, mini-bosses, and basic enemies can be taken down by following a simple pattern of attack, I still felt like I had many options on the table for each encounter.

I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t feel particularly challenged by the enemies and, although this can be a bit of a letdown, I felt like it was balanced out by the fact that a lot of Jesse’s abilities and weapon forms open up for a lot of experimentation and a lot of the playstyles were a viable option. I wasn’t stuck only doing what I thought works.

In fact, the main reason I died in this game was that I kept trying new things, attacking from different angles, and thoroughly testing what Jesse could do. Ultimately, once I figured out my best approach to each encounter, it made spending skill points less of a headache since I knew which stats I wanted to improve the most.

Eventually, I decided that I got the most enjoyment out of the launch ability and I had it almost completely maxed out by the end of the game and it was the most satisfying thing ever to just float around, throwing objects and enemies at will like I was one of the X-men. Except, this isn’t Marvel, and we can shoot stuff in the face if we want…and that’s nice.



The source of all of Jesse’s Powers comes from the Objects of Power (OOP) that you discover as you play through the game. The Service Weapon is the first and each new OOP that you find unlocks a new ability for Jesse once you complete the trial on the Astral Plane.

While some of these Objects of Power will cross your path as you play through the main storyline, there are a few that you can only get through a side quest that leads you to that specific OOP. This is where a bit of reading comes back in to play since many of the FBC documents will mention these OOPs when you’re close by.

At least, that’s how I figured out when I needed to look around for an NPC that might give me the mission I need. As soon as the FBC documents or recordings started mentioning a particular OOP, I would try to go off the set path just a little to see if any side missions were waiting around the corner and it paid off every time.

I mean, I know I didn’t use it much during my playthrough but the hypnosis ability was worth the effort of the side mission so I’d say, just go ahead and do it. Just having the option while in combat is enough to keep my imagination working and it made finding these OOPs worth it.




Overall, Control is a fun game that gives back a lot of what you put into it. Simply following the storyline is more than enough to get a good experience out of playing this game but going off the beaten path, trying new things, and ticking off a few of the mundane tasks made for a good time and I more than recommend playing this game at least once.

Have you played Control? What are some of the tips & tricks that you learned while playing? Let me know in the comments section below.

-Stevius Maximus

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