MGT Bioshock: Infinite How to Beat Bioshock: Infinite – Top 5 Tips & Tricks

How to Beat Bioshock: Infinite – Top 5 Tips & Tricks

As much as I love the fast-paced action of multiplayer games like Call of Duty, I often find myself craving the character-driven and story-focused adventures that can only be found in a single-player campaign. Recently I got to indulge that craving with the classic first-person RPG adventure, Bioshock: Infinite.

Set in the year 1912, Bioshock: Infinite tells the tale of Booker Dewitt and his journey to the fictional flying city of Columbia to rescue a woman named Elizabeth. It’s a surreal romp filled with heavy weaponry and slick looking magic that I would recommend to anyone for a decent playthrough.

Like most games, Bioshock: Infinite has a great difficulty curve that provides a good challenge while not making it too easy. Still, some moments can test any true gamer and it helps to go in a little more prepared than you normally would and with a little extra knowledge about the environment you’re about to enter.

From managing your Salts to knowing which Vigor to use in the right situation, there’s a lot of decisions to make that can easily make or break your gameplay in the most pivotal moments. So, without further ado, here are my best tips and tricks to help you get through Bioshock: Infinite.





The Obsession With Possession

Vigors are the tonics/potions of Columbia that provide the player with special abilities that can be used in conjunction with the various weapons that can be found throughout the game. You can shock enemies with Shock Jockey or even throw a group of them in the air with Bronco, but there is one Vigor that I got a lot of Value from.

Possession is a Vigor that allows you to turn a single enemy into an ally. Most of the smaller enemies will be on your side until the end of the Vigor’s duration but a lot of the bigger enemies (Heavy Hitters), such as the Motorized Patriots, will only be turned temporarily before the effect wears off and they start attacking you again.

Throughout the game and in almost every fight, I found myself beginning every engagement by launching Possession and immediately turning the biggest and baddest enemy around. As you can imagine, it’s a big help when the largest enemy is doing damage for you instead of against you.

This will help take care of the smaller enemies so that you can focus the majority of your firepower on the Heavy Hitters once the Possession wears off. Plus, they provide a good distraction as you scavenge for extra health, ammunition, Salts, or a nearby vending machine to give you some aid.


There Can Only Be 2

Throughout your playthrough of Bioshock: Infinite, you find a host of weaponry at your disposal. While the typical gun variations may be generic, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of this simple game mechanic by singling out the 2 weapons that most fit your playstyle.

This is important because of how limited the supply of cash and resources are. This makes upgrading all of the weapons in the game virtually impossible, especially if you’re planning to complete the game on a higher difficulty unless you take extra time out of your playthrough to grind and collect some cash.

Not to mention all the other upgrades you’re going to want to get for your Vigor as well. The best option is to focus the majority of your upgrades on the 2 weapons that you use the most and are most comfortable with. This will make it easier to decide on which guns you’re going to use as you encounter weapons on the floor and through the game.

This might limit the various strategies that come with mastering an impressive arsenal like this but, eventually, you’ll have a much easier time dispatching enemies with your main weapons as you combine them with your favorite Vigor. sometimes the simplest strategies are the most effective.


Don’t Sweat The Choices

It’s not uncommon, these days, for games that have a decent RPG element, like the Mass Effect franchise, to also include dialogue options sprinkled throughout the campaign that can drastically affect the outcome of the story if the wrong thing is said to the right person.

The same thing occurs as you’re playing Bioshock: Infinite. Booker will sometimes be put in a situation where the player is required to make a choice for the game to progress. At first, I was very excited at this prospect and would spend a good few minutes deciding on each choice, hoping I picked the one that would give me the best outcome.

But all of these choices that the player gets presented with mean absolutely nothing in the long run and have little to no effect on the story or the eventual outcome of our 2 main characters. Other than a minor cosmetic change, the majority of these choices are ultimately pointless.

If you’re a player like me, you’re going to spend a lot of time pondering these choices and eating up the precious game time when you don’t need to do that. Just flip a coin, pick at random, and focus on the engaging story that’s being told. It’s only the illusion of choice.


Need Anything From The Vending Machine?

While playing Bioshock: Infinite on the harder difficulty, I never once felt overwhelmed while engaging with a group of enemies. There was always a healthy supply of medkits to be found and there was plenty of dead enemies around to scavenge items that can replenish your Salt and ammunition for your guns.

But, once I got about halfway through my playthrough, this started to become a real issue. The game introduces an enemy called The Siren and she is a pain to deal with, to say the least. Not because she does a lot of damage, however. The Siren has the ridiculously annoying ability to reanimate dead enemies.

Whenever these fights occurred, ammo would be a major concern and I would often run out before I was able to take everybody down. That was until I discovered that most areas where you have these annoying battles also have a vending machine close by.

When things get tough, just stay as close to the vending machine as you can. The game will pause whenever you open the shop giving you plenty of time to replenish your ammo and keep fighting. It’s the easiest way to make sure that you never find yourself desperately scrounging around for extra bullets when you don’t need to.



I highly recommend this game to anybody like me that’s a huge fan of single-player campaigns because I have no regrets playing it at least once. It may not have the greatest story but the action and gameplay can be very entertaining at the best of times. Hopefully, these tips can help make your playthrough smooth and enjoyable as well.

Have you played Bioshock: Infinite? What are some of the tips and tricks that you learned while playing? Let me know in the comments section below.

-Stevius Maximus

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