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How To Beat Alan Wake in 2021 – Xbox One


Alan Wake was a landmark title that made waves back in the Heyday of the Xbox 360 with its unique take on storytelling and delivering a compelling experience as you use the power of light to defeat The Darkness that haunts you and the Taken that are hunting you at every turn.

Unfortunately, Alan Wake is making his inevitable departure from Xbox GamePass and there’s no better time than now to get your hands on it and play it through at least once because everyone should experience this game to see what remedy Entertainment was capable of all those years ago.

Especially for those that like a lot of danger and tension in their games. Playing this one on Hard mode was a satisfying way to get things done. The enemies provided a significant challenge and it did a lot to re-enforce the spooky atmosphere that they were trying to create since I didn’t feel like an overpowered Demi-God.

So, if you’re looking for some tips that will make your playthrough of Allen Wake just a little easier then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got the most important tips you’ll need to know to make it through with ease so, without further ado, let’s take a look at how to beat Alan Wake.




Keep On Your Toes

It’s no surprise that a game filled with this much suspense mostly takes place at night and in a semi-dense forest meaning that enemies can appear out of the brush undetected or even sneak up behind you if you’re too focused on only the enemies that you can see.

It may be tempting to slowly walk back, using your torch and revolver, and keeping your distance as enemies approach but on the Harder difficulties, this isn’t always an option. It’s only a matter of time before you’re backed up into a corner, being attacked by multiple enemies that won’t give you chance to move away.

The most effective way to fight is to keep moving and continuously reposition yourself when in a fight. The doge mechanic that Alan has isn’t the most reliable and does take some getting used to in the beginning but once you have it down, you’ll be relying on it a lot to create space between you and the Taken.

Stopping to aim and shoot will inevitably keep you locked in a single spot, giving anybody that you can’t see a chance to sneak up behind you. As long as you can reposition and make sure that every enemy is in your line of sight, you shouldn’t have any trouble dispatching each enemy you encounter.


You Don’t Always Have To Fight

Difficulty in games is a hot topic no matter which audience you try to debate it with but I’ve never believed that a game is too difficult without giving you the tools to take on the challenges that they present. Alan Wake is no exception and you’ll be surprised to find that there are some tough fights that can be avoided.

The lonely lamps that are scattered throughout the forest’s hiking trail will heal Allen as soon as he stands under the light and will destroy or chase away any of the Taken that unlucky enough to get close. So, when you’re out of ammo or outnumbered to the point where you’re overwhelmed, running to the closest safe haven of light.

Even if you still need to power the generator to turn it on. If you throw down a flare as soon as you arrive, it’ll drive back any Taken that are following you and keep them away long enough for you to turn the generator on. It saves a lot of resources too since you’ll be getting out of a bad situation with just one flare and not a barrage of bullets.

While it isn’t always an option, there’s no reason you can’t take each opportunity to make the Journey through Bright Falls a little easier with the incredible amount of resources you will be saving with this strategy. No need to waste the flare gun when you don’t have to use it.


Off The Beaten Path

Usually, when I play an action-adventure game, I tend to do more exploration than would typically be expected, wandering into every little corner to find the collectibles that developers leave for us to find. Even though the trend didn’t really take hold in the Xbox 360 generation, I found myself doing the same thing in Alan Wake.

And that natural curiosity was a great benefit during my playthrough. While I didn’t end up finding every manuscript and coffee thermos along the way, I was surprised how often I found better guns, more ammo, and even a more powerful flashlight whenever I strayed off the designated path.

Especially since each chapter begins with a small reset, stripping Alan of the resources you might have gathered in the previous chapter. It almost always starts with a mad dash to resupply and a little extra exploration will make sure you’re always locked and loaded with the best gear.

For example, when you reach the motel, try to check some of the extra rooms that are open and, when you’re in the town at night, stop in at the Diner before heading to your destination. There is an abundance of resources hidden if you look for it and you’ll be thankful when you see how much easier it makes your playthrough.


The Weapons

Besides Alan’s trusty revolver, there are flare guns there are a couple of shotguns, and a hunting rifle to help aid you against the darkness but it’s not always a clear-cut case of picking the weapon that’s the strongest for every encounter. Yes, the hunting rifle may do the most damage to a single target but it isn’t always the most effective.

The pump-action shotgun has a lot of kickback and can push enemies away from you or into potential hazards if they get too close and it works even if they have not been cleansed by the almighty power of Alan’s flashlight. With so much utility attached, it’s easy to see why the pump-action shotgun was my choice for my playthrough.

The flare gun can do insane amounts of damage to multiple targets at the same time but it is an extremely rare resource unless you keep a keen eye out for the light-sensitive paint that will reveal the location of Hidden Caches that always usually have a flare gun with some ammo or two.



With these simple tips, you’re sure to get through your playthrough of Alan Wake with a breeze, even on the harder difficulties, and it’s certainly worth the effort. I’ve been wanting to give this game a try ever since I saw the connection to the massive hit Control, and I’m glad I finally got the chance to play it once and for all.

Have you played Alan Wake? What are some of the tips and tricks that you’ve learned? Let me know in the comments section below.


-Stevius Maximus

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