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How I Got My First Nuke in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty mobile nuke

For many experienced players, earning the opportunity to launch a nuclear bomb in Call of Duty: Mobile is a rite of passage. Ever since the franchise was first introduced to us, it has been an achievement that separates the casual weekend warriors from the die-hard players that have something to prove with their skill.

Scorestreaks are not a new thing in Call of Duty. Get 400 points without dying and you get to use the UAV or get 700 kills and you can drop a predator missile but if you’re skillful enough to get 20 kills on the enemy team without dying, you’ll get the honor of dropping a Nuclear Bomb on the map, instantly killing everybody on the enemy team.

I usually spend most of my time in Call of Duty: Mobile playing Battle Royale, completely ignoring Multiplayer because I just wasn’t interested and so I’ve never gotten the opportunity to drop a Nuke myself. All that changed with the release of Season 9 and The Gunsmith and I’ve been hooked to modes like 10v10 and the map Shipment 1944 ever since.

I’ve had a ton of fun grinding for unique camo skins and it was on this journey to getting my Gold AK117 that I pulled off this challenge and I was surprised, to say the least. I’m no stranger to death, especially on a small and crowded map like Shipment, but I finally have a Nuclear Medal to my name.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how I got my first Nuke in Call of Duty: Mobile.




The Loadout

While it may not be the perfect Loadout just yet, I thought I’d break down all the Weapons, Perks, and Gunsmith Attachments that I chose to use and why. I’m still testing a lot of these combinations so it’s more than likely to change in the future but these were the tools I was using when I got that first nuclear bomb.


The Weapon

For this match, I was using none other than the one and only Tiger Laser. I’ve been a huge fan of the AK117 ever since I started playing Call of Duty: Mobile so, naturally, it would be the first gun that I leveled up to the maximum and I’ve been perfecting this combination of attachments since the start of Season 9 and the introduction of the Gunsmith.


  • Barrel:
    • OWC Marksman
  • Laser:
    • OWC Lase – Tactical
  • Underbarrel:
    • Ranger Foregrip
  • Ammunition:
    • 48 Round Extended Mag
  • Rear Grip:
    • Rubberized Grip Tape


Be sure to check out this in-depth breakdown of this build for further analysis on why I choose this gun and use these specific attachments. It’s been a favorite of mine for a long time and encourage everyone to check it out if you need a build for long-range fights that works well up close as well.


The Perks

Perks are usually the components that I swap out the most. I’m still experimenting heavily with my Perk combination and so, chances are, there’ll be one or two different next week. It’s an ongoing experiment but let’s take a look at the Perks I was using at the time and why they were selected.


  • Fast Recover:Increase the HP recovery rate by 35%. Engagements happen fast in Call of Duty and there can be very little time to heal before you need to start shooting again. I often use this perk to take advantage of the small window of opportunity between fights or while I’m prone and reloading.


  • Amped: – Faster Weapon swap, Throwing Grenade swap and Launcher reload speed. This was the latest perk that got released and so I’ve been using it a lot to get familiar with it and see if I’d start using it full time. I’m enjoying the faster weapon swap and I’ve swapped to my knife often to win fights in a pinch.


  • Engineer: – Reveals enemy equipment and scorestreaks and lets you Re-roll friendly Care Packages and booby trap enemy Care Packages. I’m still experimenting with this as a way to counter trip mines without taking the Hardwire Perk (since that slot was taken by Amped) and has been pretty effective so far although you need to be very vigilant.


While I can’t say that these are the ultimate combination of Perks, I’ve found them to be pretty useful but I do plan on swapping out Engineer if I can find a better way to deal with trip mines. I really don’t like trip mines.


Lethal, Tactical and Operator Skill

Now, when it comes to these 3 slots in my loadout, they are purely experimental options. There’s no real rhyme or reason to them this time, I’m simply trying to get familiar with the new options that we got this season. Still, let’s take a look at the options I had in my kit when the nuke dropped.


  • The Equalizer: – Dual integrated machine guns with built-in suppressors. The Equalizer only dropped in Season 10 after being teased for months and is the newest Operator Skill to unlock, so I’ve just been trying it out and, let me be the first to say, these little machines guns are deadly!


  • Combat Axe: – Retrievable axe that instantly kills an enemy on impact. Another new item that I haven’t gotten a lot of opportunities to use. You need a fair amount of accuracy for it to be effective and I find myself going with the long-range throws and just praying that it hits somebody.


  • Flashbang Grenade: – Emits a flash that instantly blinds any enemies that see the blast. Not much to be said, I just always take a flashbang. lol.


The Strategy?

To be honest, I can’t give you a clear step by step method on how you can secure that Nuclear Bomb, especially on a map like Shipment where the action can get incredibly chaotic with enemies popping up from almost every angle. These are just some of the basic tips and tricks I use.


  • Reloading is a time-waster, especially when there are multiple enemies to fight at once. I always try to use an extended mag so that I can fight for longer and save me reload for the moment that everybody is dead.


  • You are at your most vulnerable when you are reloading so if you need to reload while an enemy is near, make sure you crouch or go prone behind a wall or any significant barrier so that you can reload without being disturbed.


  • Scorestreaks do not count towards a Nuclear Bomb so try to avoid using Stealth Choppers, VTOLS, and even Predator Missiles so that you make sure all the guns come from you and your weapon.


  • Use the Vulture Perk so that you can pick up ammo from the enemies you kill and keep going with the gun you already have. If you don’t take the Vulture Perk, be prepared to use someone else’s gun when you’re completely out of bullets.


Get Nuked

You never forget your first time and that’s never been truer right now. I, honestly, didn’t even think it was something I could achieve but I’m proud to say that I’ve finally made it happen and earned the Ultimate Terminator medal once and for all. Now the only question is…can I do it a second time? Only one way to find out.

Have you dropped a Nuke in Call of Duty: Mobile? What are some of your tips for getting that Nuclear Bomb? Let me know in the comments section below.

-Stevius Maximus

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