MGT Call of Duty: Mobile,Season 9 Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 Crate Skins Review

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 Crate Skins Review

Season 9 Review part 2

Season 9 has proven to be the gift that keeps on giving and I struggle to comprehend the fact that we’re already less than a week away from welcoming an entirely new season once again. We went from the dry western deserts to the depths of nuclear mayhem, to the ruin of a post-apocalyptic world and now we’re smack dab in the middle of World War II.

One of the things I love the most about this season’s theme is the fact that the majority of the new soldiers and weapon camos have been consistent throughout and I never felt like any of the new additions broke the immersion of this historic experience.

Mechanically, Call of Duty: Mobile has refined the crate system as well, making sure that players are no longer able to get duplicates of the items they already have. Meaning that the more crates you buy, the higher chance you’ll have of getting your hands on some juicy items for your collection.

So, let’s take a look at what Call of Duty: Mobile has in store for us with the Season 9 crates.


Conquest Crates


Quartermaster Crate

Quartermaster Crate

I’ll be the first to admit it, Call of Duty: WWII was not my favorite entry into the series but it introduced us to its fair share of new and iconic characters. Now that we’ve been thrown back into the fray with Season 9, it seems only fitting that one of those characters makes a brave move to mobile.

While Carver Butcher may not be as recognizable as other skins in the past, he fits the vibe of the new season well and I wouldn’t mind rocking this skin for a few rounds of Battle Royale. But that’s not the only thing attractive about this crate. All the skins, whether they be Uncommon, Rare, or even Epic, are great to have in the collection.

The Catacombs set is perfect and makes for a great consolation prize if you’re unlucky in the draw. It comes with a new version of Terrence Brookes which I like since he’s not the most exciting soldier on the roster and he’d look pretty cool dropping onto the map with the gold smoke trail that the wingsuit provides.



Covert Crate

Covert Crate

From one face that might be a bit unfamiliar to another that featured prominently throughout the single-player campaign of Call of Duty: WWII. Vivian Harris, a.k.a. the B.A.T. Agent, is a great new addition to the mobile roster and fits right at home with the new season’s theme.

Unfortunately, she is literally the only good item to be found within this crate. I mean, the emote is pretty cool and I’d probably get a lot of use out of it myself but I can’t see myself spending any of my CoD points on this crate because the other item camos are just that bad.

The Strongbox camo line may look decent on the RUS-79U but that’s about it and the Uncommon camo skin are nothing more than a big waste of time and doesn’t even serve as a good consolation prize. Even the “Revolution” camo line is lackluster at best and it’s animated! Do yourself a favor and avoid this crate.



Crossed Swords

Crossed Swords Crate

As you can probably tell by now, I’m a huge fan of seeing popular and familiar faces in the Call of Duty franchise being brought over to the mobile scene and Takeo is certainly one of those characters. While he wasn’t a significant character in any of the single-player campaigns, he became well-known through the original Zombies mode.

But this amazing new soldier skin isn’t the only good item to be found in this crate. It’s time to put the baby knife down and pick up a real weapon for all your melee fun with the Dragonfang. I never thought the katana needed its own skin but here we are and I love it.

Not to mention the Strafing Run camo that looks pretty impressive, especially on the wingsuit that features a predominantly white design with orange smoke flairs which are dope, to say the least. And, take a look at the “You missed it?” emote. I can think of more than a few scenarios where that would have come in handy.



Paratrooper Crate

Paratrooper Crate

Once upon a time, back in the Modern Warfare 2 era, the name “Bailout” referred to one of my least favorite maps in all of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 but, thankfully, we have a brand new soldier skin to claim the name instead. But, just like the Covert crate, there’s nothing else that grabs my attention enough for me to spend these CoD points.

Unlike some of the other characters we’ve covered, Bailout is completely new to the franchise and making his first appearance in the game on Mobile. That alone makes him a superb addition to my collection but all I can think about is how many crates I’ll have to go through to get him.

The only other item in this crate that’s worthwhile is the “Don’t Shoot” emote which is hilarious and I could easily see myself spamming this one in Battle Royale. I’d recommend this crate only if you have the CoD points to spare but, otherwise, I’d rather save it for another crate in the future.



Deep Depths Crate

Deep Depths Crate

Once again we have a brand new character being introduced to us for the first time through Mobile and it makes me happy that we’re getting a lot of original soldiers for the roster. However, I am in absolutely no hurry to get my hands on the Bathysphere soldier anytime soon.

Maybe I just prefer the more realistic soldiers and that’s why I’m not excited for this one but I’m going to take a hard pass on the entire crate and save my points for something else. On top of all that, all the camo skins, whether they be Uncommon, Rare, or even Epic, leave a lot to be desired.

Even if this new soldier was free, I doubt I would be adding him to my loadout. So do yourself a favor and just avoid this crate altogether. better crates are sure to come in the next season.



Ready For Season 10

This new season brought many changes to the entire crate system that I enjoy but, the thing that I like the most is the abundance of new and never before seen characters that have been introduced in Call of Duty: Mobile. It’s a trend that I hope to continue for quite some time.

Unfortunately, I am a bit disappointed in the quality of the new skins that we’ve been treated with and I’m not in a hurry to add these to my collection anytime soon. Hopefully, things will be different when Season 10 rolls around.

Did you buy any of the new crates in Season 9? What do you think about the items they have? Let me know in the comments section below.


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