MGT Call of Duty: Mobile,Season 8 Call of Duty: Mobile – Season 8 Review Part III (Juggernaut)

Call of Duty: Mobile – Season 8 Review Part III (Juggernaut)

Season 8 Review Part 3



Season 8 has certainly been a wild ride and, after seeing first-hand footage from the test server, it’s clear that Season 9 is aiming to knock it completely out of the park. But, before we welcome a new season of content, we have to talk about the featured game mode we got to try.

Juggernaut mode made its grand return in Season 8 with a few more tweaks that made it a fun addition to the playlist and a great new way to play Call of Duty: Mobile for the last few weeks. The rules are pretty simple to follow and, with the right strategy, it was easy to secure the win.

However, this mode was not as well-received as Attack of the Undead which we only got to play in Season 7. I mean, there are still petitions to this day to bring Attack of The Undead back while Juggernaut became the mode that many players played just to earn the seasonal rewards that came with it.

So, was Juggernaut mode a great addition, and was it worth bringing back for a second time? Let’s take a deeper look at Season 8’s featured game and whether or not it will be missed in the future.



How Does It Work


Juggernaut mode is played with only 6 players, with one map chosen at random. The maps can either be Highrise, Crash, Killhouse, Nuketown, Cage, and Rust but I honestly found myself playing on Crash constantly. Not sure if that’s just my luck but it helps to figure the best way to play it.

Much like Attack of The Undead, all players remain human until the end of the initial countdown. Once it reaches zero, one player is selected to be the Juggernaut and is moved to an isolated area of the map while the other players are tasked with finding the Juggernaut and taking him/her down.

The Juggernaut is basically an XS1 Goliath suit that you’ll be familiar with if you’ve ever activated the scorestreak in a Multiplayer match. It’s a large mechanized suit that has a large amount of armor and health and comes equipped with a mini-gun turret that resembles the Death Machine Operator Skill. It has unlimited ammo but can overheat very quickly as well.

All other players are equipped with a fully loaded Chopper, frag grenades, smoke grenades, and a radar that tells you exactly where the Juggernaut is on the map. For an extra boost in firepower, Armament Boxes will spawn in various locations around the map and they each come with a powerful buff and Operator Skill.

Whoever kills the Juggernaut, BECOMES the Juggernaut, so try to make sure that you land the kill shot. The winner is determined by who got the most kills while being the Juggernaut.




Tips & Tricks


Despite all the complicated mechanics, Juggernaut mode is very easy to understand and get accustomed to. The method of winning, I found, can be very simple, so here are a few tips and tricks to help you dominate this one of a kind game mode.



  • Armament Boxes: Don’t even think about trying to take on the Juggernaut until you get your hands on the Operator Skills and buffs that are in these boxes. There’s a Sparrow, a Grenade Launcher, and even a Purifier which is all essential to getting the last hit on the Juggernaut.
  • Get To The Box First: With all that firepower available in these boxes, you’re guaranteed to have competition for what’s inside. Do yourself a favor and get their first to make sure you’re the one that gets to kill the Juggernaut.
  • Throw Your Grenades: Every time that you die and respawn, you’re reloaded with ammo and tactical grenades so make sure that you use them. It doesn’t have to be a direct hit either. A well-placed frag grenade will force the Juggernaut to leave the hiding spot and move out into the open so keep throwing those bad boys.



  • Hide!: You may feel powerful and indestructible running around in the Juggernaut suit but you’d be surprised how much damage a Chopper can do, especially from a distance. Don’t stand out in the open and you’ll be a much harder target for players to hit.
  • Tight Position: Your best shot at survival while playing as the Juggernaut is to remain in one position and defend against the survivors as they approach. By positioning yourself in a confined space, like a stairway, players will have a harder time shooting their Operator skills without taking a face full of bullets.
  • Kill, Kill, Kill: Remember, it’s not just about survival, you have to get as many kills as you can to win the game. So even if you get taken down, make sure you get as many of the other players as you can.





Is It Worth It?

I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, Juggernaut is just not my favorite featured game to come from Call of Duty: Mobile. I mean, it’s decent, but I don’t think I’ll be as sad to see it go as Attack of the Undead. You really only miss something when it’s gone, don’t you?

I’m happy with a lot of the changes they made. I like that everybody gets a Chopper since it’s probably the most effective weapon against the behemoth but I liked it when I got to bring a Rocket Launcher in or strategize with my favorite weapon too.

The rewards that required you to play Juggernaut mode were worth it in the end and earning them wasn’t too frustrating at least. Still, there’s a reason why I waited until the season was almost over to talk about it. It just wasn’t that interesting and I just didn’t want this season to pass without mentioning it at least once.

It’s clear to me why people aren’t very impressed and I have to side with them on this one.

What did you think of Juggernaut mode? Should it be a game mode that returns one day? let me know in the comments section below!



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