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Call of Duty: Mobile – Season 7 Review Part II (Attack of the Undead)

Season 7 Review Part 2

Believe me, no one was more disappointed than me when Zombie mode went on hiatus. It hasn’t been completely removed since some of the old menus are still in the game but there’s just no telling when it will return.

Luckily, Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 promised to introduce a brand new game mode that supplies the same zombie-slaying action but with a very unique twist. Ever since the first few screenshots leaked online, fans have been waiting patiently and now, it’s finally here.

Now let me be the first to say it: it’s not the replacement we were hoping it would be. But it’s still a fun zombie…-ish mode that I’ve sunk hours into myself.

Despite it being so fresh, it has a very small learning curve and is very forgiving in the first few rounds despite playing against real people. The rounds are often very short and its a great palette cleanser after hours of grinding in Battle Royale mode.

So today, I thought we’d take a look at exactly what Attack of The Undead is and some of my thoughts on what it did right and what it did wrong. Plus, some of the best strategies I’ve used for some easy wins.


How Does It Work?

Attack of The Undead puts 10 players on 1 of 5 maps. Crash, Tunisia, Raid, Standoff, and Summit and they’re completely unchanged from regular Multiplayer Modes. Once you drop in, you’ll get to choose your loadout which, again, is mostly unchanged except for a few of the regular perks and operator skills.

There’s no Sparrow or Tempest this time and instead, we can only choose between a Deployable Shield and a Sentry Turret for your Loadout and tactical equipment is restricted to only Trip Mines and Flashbangs.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred weapon, you get a brief moment to find your spot on the map before a 10-second countdown begins. At the end of the countdown, 1 player is chosen at random to be the first Undead victim and start hunting down all the other Survivors.

As a member of the Undead, you will only be allowed a melee weapon but you will get to kill 1 Survivor with your primary weapon to help get the ball rolling.

You also get an unlimited number of opportunities to respawn and try to kill the Survivors, plus a road flare to set the next respawn location and a combat axe that can be thrown from a distance. The Undead also has an operator skill that silences your footsteps and gives your movement speed a significant boost.

As a Survivor, your main goal is to…well…survive! Getting killed will instantly convert you into one of the Undead and being the Last Survivor gets you way more health, as well as a Death Machine, to help clear the many Undead trying to kill you.



Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re a Survivor or one of the unlucky Undead, there are various ways you can gain an edge and come out on top. These are some of the best tips on how to get those easy wins.



  • Work Together: No matter how much of a Rambo wannabe you may be, your odds of survival are greatly increased when you stick together to face the Undead. You’ll have more traps to spread out and more stopping power when they come charging at you
  • Defend One Area: At the end of the day, there’s more to surviving than just getting kills. Try to find a small room with very few entrances and exits and you’ll have an easier time fighting the Undead
  • Trap Placement: Once you have your small room, place your traps around choke points that the Undead simply can’t avoid. Typically around the entrances and exits and make sure your sentry turret is in a position where it can see as much as possible.


The Undead

  • Work Together: Once again, the most efficient way to get all the Survivors is to work as a horde just like regular Zombies do. Sentry Turrets can only shoot one target at a time and, with the extra speed, at least one person is guaranteed to get through for the kill.
  • Combat Axe: In certain situations, this is one of your most valuable tools. Survivors often try to shoot from windows and don’t take into account any flying axes that may be coming your way. especially if the Survivor’s defense is too good and you need to try and kill from a distance.
  • Road Flares: These are a great tool against Survivors that have an abundance of traps laid out. By placing a road flare, you can quickly respawn right where the Survivors are before they have a chance to reset their traps and secure the kill.


Is it Any Good?

Well…yes…but also no. You see, I’m looking at this from 2 different perspectives and so, on the one hand, I don’t like it but on the other hand, I’ve enjoyed the time that I’ve spent playing it.

I’ve honestly put hours into getting familiar with this new mode and I find myself constantly coming back to try new weapons on my loadout and use new tactics that I may have discovered or come up with overtime.

Even playing as one of the undead is a pretty unique experience. Being restricted to melee also means you need to get up close and personal with your target while trying to dodge their bullets and the various traps they may have laid out for you.

But all this does is make me miss the original Zombies mode. Call of Duty: Black Ops was one of my favorite games to play growing up and I have fond memories of playing its Zombie mode with friends. The Mobile version of zombies brought back a lot of that magic and it had a special place in my heart because of it.

I know they had their reasons for removing it from the game but it was part of why I started playing Call of Duty: Mobile in the first place. As fun as it may be, Attack of The Undead just doesn’t have the same flavor of zombie action I was hoping for.


Bring Back Zombies Mode!

Like I said, as cool as Attack of The Undead may be, it only makes me wish for the original Zombies mode we got when the game launched. I’ll be playing this mode for as long as it’s available but I honestly just wish they’d bring the true Undead experience that Call of Duty is known for?

Do you play Attack of The Undead? What do you think of this new game mode? Let me know in the comments section below.


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