MGT Call of Duty: Mobile,Season 10 Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 Crate Skins Review

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 Crate Skins Review

season 10 crate skins review

Every new season of Call of Duty: Mobile comes with a fine selection of crates but the last season, things were pretty different. I’m usually excited to get my hands on every crate that gets released but they were lackluster, to say the least, and I passed on nearly all of them.

I’m happy to report that this season, things are very different and most of these crates have come chockful of exciting new soldier skins and item camos that fit right in with the new them for Season 10. Honestly, it gets me excited for the anniversary season coming next month because those crates should be exponentially better.

We’ve got more favorites from Modern Warfare/ Warzone making their way to the mobile scene and some of the best new item camos on offer, plus double the amount of Uncommon skins to satisfy the itch for new swag. So, here’s all you need to know about the crates we have on offer in Season 10.


The New Crates

Jungle Ops Crate

It’s almost as if the good people behind Call of Duty: Mobile heard me talking about how mediocre the crates were last season because, right off the bat, we got this spectacular crate to sink our teeth into. There are twice as many Uncommon skins on offer and one of the best variations of Captain Soap I’ve ever seen.

From console to PC, anybody that calls themselves an avid fa of the Call of Duty franchise will be very familiar with the name Soap and it’s awesome to get another cool skin for him on mobile. I mean, he was the character you played as in the original Modern Warfare and he featured prominently in many of the sequels so, he and I go way back.

The Jungle Ops aesthetic is going to be great for Battle Royale since I could never say no to a little extra camouflage and, even if you’re not lucky enough to get Soap, nearly all the other item camos and the emote are more than enough to feel like you won something significant out of the draw. Worth it.


Amphibious Assault Crate

I’m starting to see a trend emerge with the skins that Call of Duty: Mobile has been releasing lately. It’s almost as if they’re taking all the popular skins from 2019’s Modern Warfare and repackaging them for the mobile scene. I’m not complaining, however, since Warzone players have the best skins by far.

Benjamin “Otter” Lee is another character, just like Mara, that’s very new to the Call of Duty franchise but I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not interested in this one. There are characters like Hans “Golem” Blaustein that have a similar design and already have a significant number of variations to keep the look interesting.

While the emote may be very cool, and the AK-47 skin does have a unique appeal, the rest of the crate is pretty boring as well with nothing that stands out and makes me want to take a chance on the draw. It’s simply not worth the CoD points this time around.


Underwater Demolition Crate

From characters like Soap that come with a very long history to characters like UDT Frogman that come shrouded in mystery from the get-go. I’ve seen some of my favorite streamers use him when playing Call of Duty: Warzone and he’s so new to the scene that I’m honestly shocked that we got him on mobile so soon.

And if that wasn’t enough, just look at the Epic item camos that are there. That Echolocation wingsuit looks so cool with the purple smoke trail that I might buy these crates just to get my hands on it alone. I’ve got wingsuits with blue, red, green, and even yellow but never seen a purple one and I simply have to have it.

Pair all that up with the Echolocation Karambit and parachute and I think I’ve got my main outfit set for Battle Royale for sure. The all-black soldier skin will blend in well and the purple accents from the rest of the kit will look stylish indeed. This is crate is worth every CoD Point Spent.


Trailblazer Crate

Still the only Robot to successfully kick butt in the Call of Duty franchise, Reaper is back with an all-new look to go along with this season’s theme and it is one hundred times better than the last Reaper skin we got during the forge. No more unnecessary pointy parts this time. Just sleek combat engineering like he’s supposed to look.

All of the crate skins this season seem like prime candidates for some Battle Royale action and the Reapers skin we got this time is no different. His color palette is so clean that it almost feels unfair to unleash this soldier on the unsuspecting players waiting for me on that gigantic map.

The tourmaline camo line looks fantastic and they make for a great combination overall but if I only got one epic item from this crate (excluding Reaper, of course) then it would have to be the “Heatseeker” charm. I’ve got a few “Heat Stroke” weapons that would be perfect for this charm.


Trophy Collector Crate

Wait a minute…did Call of Duty: Mobile just put Vladimir Putin in the game as a playable character?! (lol) All jokes aside, there’s no denying the fact this new soldier skin for Yegor has a striking resemblance to the Russian president and it’s funny, to say the least.

Even the Rare item camos look dope and they’d make a perfect set when combined with the new Merc 5 skin that comes in this crate. I mean, just look at that emote. I can think of a hundred situations where I could use it in Battle Royale. Squadmates can be a bit frustrating at times, you know what I mean.

No matter what prize you get from these crates, it’ll be well worth the CoD points since every item here has some real aesthetic value and will get a lot of mileage out of me.


What About Next Season?

This season was far better than the last when it comes to the crates we had on offer and I hope that this trend continues into the next season. Especially since it will be Call of Duty: Mobile’s anniversary season, so I’m expecting a lot of juicy new items and some epic soldier skins in the Battle Pass as well as the crates too.

Did you get any of the new crates this season? What do you think of the items we have in store this time around? Let me know in the comments section below.

-Stevius Maximus

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