MGT Mobile Gaming Controllers Best iPega Bluetooth Gaming Controller – 2021

Best iPega Bluetooth Gaming Controller – 2021

Best iPega Controller

Mobile gaming controllers are fast becoming a necessity for anybody serious about mobile gaming. From the abundance of games on Google Play to the ease of retro emulators, right down to the superb next-gen experience of Xbox Cloud Gaming, there’s something for everybody in the mobile scene.

When it comes to mobile gaming controllers, there’s one brand that comes tailor-made for the beginner that’s just starting out and looking for an affordable way to start using a controller on mobile. I’m talking about none other than iPega and their one-of-a-kind range of starter controllers.

I call them starters because, while they offer a lot in terms of functionality, are easy to use, and incredibly affordable, they’re more of a stepping stone when it comes to mobile gaming. Nevertheless, I used them for years before I finally upgraded to a standard Xbox One controller for all my mobile needs.

If you’re looking to get your hands on an iPega controller then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve put together a list of my top four mobile gaming controllers from iPega that are certain to suit the needs of anybody trying to replicate that authentic console feeling on mobile. So, without further ado, here are the best iPega Bluetooth controllers in 2021.


iPega Red Knight

Product: Mobile Gaming Controller

Brand: iPega

Model: 9087S

Price: $25.69

Best Place To Buy: Amazon


Almost anybody that uses a mobile gaming controller on a regular basis has added this bad boy to their arsenal, including myself, and it’s easy to see why. From its affordable price to its incredible functionality, it’s one of the few controllers that I would highly recommend to anybody using a mobile gaming controller for the first time.

It has a telescopic design that stretches out to fit any smartphone up 6.2″ inches in length and retracts far enough as well allowing you to use your phone in portrait mode while playing on the Red Knight, opening up more possibilities for the kind of games you can play.

The only thing I couldn’t get on board with is its size. Make no mistake, this controller is small. This makes it extremely portable and easy to slip straight into my pocket but I’ve got relatively large hands and I couldn’t play for too long before detaching my phone for a more comfortable grip. It definitely caters to a younger crowd.

Amazon Rating:


iPega Ninja

Product: Mobile Gaming Controller

Brand: iPega

Model: 9157

Price: $23.98

Best Place To Buy: Amazon



There’s absolutely no way I can make a list of the best iPega controllers without mentioning the one that started it all for me. I’ll never forget the process of finding the perfect starter controller. I mean, I didn’t even know if I would enjoy using one, but it ended up being one of the best investments I made in mobile gaming.

Telescopic controllers are the more functional choice but the standard controller design is what attracted me the most. I would’ve preferred an A-symmetrical analog design but I immediately got stuck into Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas the first day I got it and barely even noticed the difference.

While it may be one of the most affordable controllers on this list, that doesn’t stop it from being extremely functional with most games, including Fortnite Mobile and Asphalt 9 able to detect the controller without any hassle. It’s easy to set up too which helps a lot when you’re new to the controller scene.

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iPega Red Bat

Product: Mobile Gaming Controller

Brand: iPega

Model: 9083S

Price: $39.99

Best Place To Buy: Amazon


Now for a controller that goes above and beyond with the ability to fit a whole tablet between the controls. That’s right, the iPega Red Bat is one of the only iPega controllers able to fit an entire Android tablet stretching up to 11″ inches wide and still able to retract to a size suitable for regular Android smartphones.

Unlike most telescopic controllers that snap in place thanks to a spring mechanism, the Red Bat comes with a unique locking mechanism that runs on a track instead and completely locks in place thanks to the gears. So no matter how hefty your device is, it will always be secure while you’re gaming.

The most obvious drawback has to be the controller’s size. Portability goes straight out the window with this one but in its place, you’re getting a controller that is designed to take your mobile gaming experience to the next level with its tablet support. Perfect for anybody just starting that demands a bit more out of a controller.

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iPega Golden Warrior

Product: Mobile Gaming  Controller

Brand: iPega

Model: 9118

Price: $25.99

Best Place To Buy: Amazon



Now for a controller that takes the concept of the 9157 and completely turns it up to the maximum. The iPega Golden Warrior not only looks amazing but it performs just as well too. With an added grip on the handles, it proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a more premium experience.

Not to mention the fact that the phone clip is already a part of the controller and easily folds and unfolds to accommodate any Android and iOS smartphone up to 6.2″ wide. Plus, it looks amazing in the dark with the impressive backlighting around all the action buttons and the home button.

And, when you want to use it separate from your device, it looks even better than most of the standard controllers on the market but I will admit, I’m not a big fan of the D-pad it comes with. It’s trying too hard to mimic the D-pad from an Xbox Elite Controller and I would’ve preferred something more traditional.

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Which One Should I Pick?

Above all else, the question we need to ask is what kind of games will you be playing with this controller and where are you most likely going to use it. Telescopic controllers are easily the most portable and are the easiest to use on the go but their design isn’t always suited for everybody.

Standard controllers are the ones that feel the best in my hands but I’m not a big fan of using a phone clip. Most of the time, the clip is cheaply made and doesn’t offer the right support. But, if I have a smooth enough surface to rest it on then it will always be my preferred way to play.

If I had to go back to the beginning, I think I would definitely take the iPega Golden Warrior. It has a dope design and looks the best with its backlighting. Plus, the grip on the handles is something I missed a lot on my other controllers and the telescopic design just isn’t for me.

Do you use any of these controllers on this list? What do you think of iPega Bluetooth Gaming controllers? Let me know in the comments section below.



-Stevius Maximus

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